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Blue Apron – Meal Kit Review

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a meal kit delivery service that ships nationwide. While Blue Apron may be the most popular of the meal kit services, what stands out most is that they offer unique farm to table recipes that allows you to be exposed to ingredients you might not otherwise purchase.

  • Less than 45 minutes per recipe from box to table
  • 6 recipe options available — this is less than many of the other meal kits we reviewed.
  • The meals were tastier than many of the other meal kits, but required more prep work and cleanup.

Try for Only $29.94

Try Blue Apron’s 2-person, 3-meal plan for only $29.94 (normally $59.94).

Blue Apron Summary

Sign Up

Subscription service requiring an email address, physical address and credit card plus plan selection to get started

Recipe Selection

About 6 recipes to choose from per week. You can select a vegetarian-only plan.

Delivery Options

Individual plan requires a minimum of 3 meals per week, but family plan requires a minimum of 2 meals.

You can skip any week you want, but you have until 6 days at 12pm EST before your next shipment to do it.


Individual (2 people):

  • 3 meals/week: starting at $59.94 ($9.99/serving)

Family (4 people):

  • 2 or 4 meals/week: starting at $71.92 ($8.99/serving)

Free shipping and no sales tax.


Cancel by emailing customer support.


First shipment arrives within a week of signup, but you can delay if needed.

  • Comes within a box of insulation and ice packs.
  • Ingredients are sorted into labeled paper bags
  • Meat is kept separately at the bottom of the box.
  • “Knick Knacks” (marinades, sauces, and specialty ingredients) come bagged together per recipe
Ingredient Quality

🥕 Higher quality ingredients. The ingredients seemed higher quality and more unique than some other meal kits.

Recipe Prep
Ingredient Prep

⌛️ You will frequently need to chop ingredients, prepare a dressing or marinade and pat the meat dry.

Kitchen Gear

You’ll want a pan, baking sheet, knife, and other basic items. No special equipment needed beyond the occasional need for a cheese grater or lemon zester.

Additional Ingredients

Have some cooking oil, salt, & pepper.

Recipe Clarity

Recipe cards are helpful and easy to follow. They include a list of items to pull out of the pantry, as well as photos of each step and a full nutrition label.

Cook Time

Around 45+ minutes depending on the recipe.


😋 Tasty

Portion Size

Adequate (but 2 people won’t have leftovers).

Nutrition Info

Full nutrition label and list of allergens


Usually a pan, baking sheet, knife, cutting board, and bowl.

Customer Service

No issues.

Blue Apron Photos

Honey-Rhubarb Chicken with Asparagus and Fingerling Potatoes

Spicy Mushroom & Summer Squash Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa