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Chef’d - Meal Kit Review


Chef’d is a meal kit delivery service designed to allow you to choose à la carte meals or weekly recipes designed by brands like Weight Watchers, Atkins, and New York Times Cooking.

Most Variety

Chef’d stands out because you can order à la carte from over 600 recipes (or subscribe and save) like you’re shopping on Amazon.

  • Ordering feels like buying on Amazon, either buy a kit à la carte or subscribe & save for a discount
  • 600+ recipe options available — the most of any meal kit we reviewed
  • Meal Kits are designed by celebrity chefs like Top Chef Alums
  • Offers meals plans based on diets from Weight Watchers & Atkins
  • Portion size felt larger than most kits we reviewed, you won’t feel hungry when you’re done eating.

Get $10 Off

Try Chef’d today and save $10 on your first order.

Chef’d Summary

Sign Up

Since no subscription is required, you can order individual meals in 2 or 4 portions. They do have subscriptions on meal plans by brands like Atkins, Weight Watchers, and New York Times.

Recipe Selection

🔥 There are over 600 à la carte options that can be browsed including Breakfast, Dinner, & Dessert. Many of the recipes are created by celebrity chefs.

Delivery Options

There is no minimum order, but there is free shipping on orders $40+.

There is up to 10% off a weekly subscription.


Meals range from $9.50 – $21 per serving.
Generally, you save 20-30% per serving if you do a 4 person portion.


For weekly subscriptions, you can cancel from your account.


First shipment arrives can arrive within 3 days of order.

  • Comes within a box of insulation and ice packs.
  • Ingredients are sorted into labeled plastic bags
  • Meat is kept separately at the bottom of the box.
Ingredient Quality

Standard ingredients. The quality is similar what you would get from a name-brand grocery store.

Recipe Prep
Ingredient Prep

You will frequently need to chop ingredients.

Kitchen Gear

You’ll want a pan, baking sheet, knife, and other basic items. Nothing fancy needed (like a food processor or lemon zester).

Additional Ingredients

Have some cooking oil, salt, and pepper.

Recipe Clarity

Recipe cards are helpful and easy to follow. They include a list of items to pull out of the pantry, as well as photos of each step.

Cook Time

Around 30-40 minutes depending on the recipe.



Portion Size

💪 Above average (felt satisfied, but not enough for leftovers).

Nutrition Info

Full nutrition label and list of allergens provided on website, but not on the recipe card.


Usually a pan, baking sheet, knife, cutting board, and bowl.

Customer Service

No issues.

Chef’d Photos


Piña Colada Chicken