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Google Lets You Transfer Streams Between Devices With Just Your Voice

Jason Gurwin

Google announced a new feature called Stream Transfer, which lets you move videos from YouTube, as well as music on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Pandora between streaming devices. Out of the gate, it supports Google Home, Nest Smart Speaker & Displays, and Chromecast devices.

For now, it doesn’t appear to work with YouTube TV, but since it is already supported on the Google Home Max, don’t be surprised if they add support for it in the future.

YouTube Videos

To move a video between a Nest smart display like the Nest Hub Max and a Chromecast-enabled TV, just say “Hey Google, play it on living room TV.”

YouTube Music, Spotify, & Pandora

To move a music stream from one smart speaker to another, just say, “Hey Google, move the music to the living room speaker.”

If you don’t want to control it by voice, you can always use the Google Home app. Just tap the cast button to see all your devices, then choose the device or group you want to move the stream to. If you want the stream to play around the house, just choose an entire speaker group.

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