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Sinclair Targets Launch of Bally Sports Streaming Service For Under $25 Ahead of 2022 MLB Season

Jason Gurwin

Sinclair has been open about the fact that they plan to launch a direct-to-consumer streaming service next year, but details on pricing and what will be included have been sparse. While Sinclair CEO, Chris Ripley, has said that the company is still figuring out the details on pricing, we now have a better idea on exactly what they might charge to stream you local teams in-market.

In a report by the NY Post, Sinclair has been reportedly pitching investors to raise $250 million to help fund their streaming venture. As part of that pitch, Sinclair has said that they aim to charge $23 a month for the service. It is possible that they will try to subsidize it further for those who use their betting products

While pricey compared to other streaming services, it would be cheaper and more accessible for those looking to stream their local teams on channels like Bally Sports West and Bally Sports Ohio. Currently, the only way to access them without cable or satellite, is with subscription to AT&T TV Choice Plan ($84.99).

In 2019, both Dish Network and Sling TV dropped Fox Sports RSNs (now called Bally Sports) from their service, then in 2020, YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, and fuboTV followed suit.

Last Month, during the JPMorgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference, Sinclair’s Ripley said that the company was still figuring out the details on pricing, whether it will be monthly or annually, but they do have the go-ahead from cable and satellite companies to launch this. The key reason why is that Ripley says there is “there will be substantial difference in price of what the distributors on a wholesale basis versus what the retail cost would pay for direct and an unbundled offering.”

So when exactly would the service launch? It is expected that Sinclair will target to launch it ahead of the 2022 MLB season, so this won’t exactly help you stream NBA and NHL teams next season. It is not clear whether they would offer this for YES Network and Marquee Sports Network, where they are only a partial owner.

At $23 a month, that would be more than four times the cost they charge cable, satellite, and streaming distributors as part of a bundle.

The company is projecting 4.4 million subscribers by 2027, according to the report. The company lost nearly 10 million subscribers through their carriage disputes with streaming providers.

Sinclair’s CEO in the past has said that the response from the league’s are very positive on the concept of the new service. “The teams are really — and the leagues are really focus on getting more streaming options into the hands of fans. It’s a huge focus for them. There really is no practical way for them to do it on their own. We are their leading partner, and so we have to do it better.”

In the meantime, the company has launched the Bally Sports App to those with access to RSNs via their cable, satellite, or streaming provider. Ripley said the they’ve seen more 4.5 million unique devices since launch actually use the app, which was automatically updated from Fox Sports Go.

What Teams are Available in the Bally Sports App?

Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks broadcasts local telecasts of 14 MLB teams, 17 NBA teams and 13 NHL teams.

Bally Sports Arizona Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Coyotes
Bally Sports Detroit Detroit Tigers Detroit Pistons Detroit Red Wings
Bally Sports Florida Miami Marlins Miami Heat Florida Panthers
Bally Sports Indiana Indiana Pacers
Bally Sports Kansas City Kansas City Royals
Bally Sports Midwest St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Blues
Bally Sports New Orleans New Orleans Pelicans
Bally Sports North Minnesota Twins Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Wild
Bally Sports Ohio Cincinnati Reds Cleveland Cavaliers Columbus Blue Jackets
Bally Sports Oklahoma Oklahoma City Thunder
Bally Sports SoCal Anaheim Ducks
Bally Sports San Diego San Diego Padres
Bally Sports South Atlanta Braves Atlanta Hawks Nashville Predators
Bally Sports Southeast Charlotte Hornets/Memphis Grizzlies Carolina Hurricanes
Bally Sports Southwest Texas Rangers Dallas Mavericks Dallas Stars
Bally Sports Sun Tampa Bay Rays Orlando Magic Tampa Bay Lightning
Bally Sports West Los Angeles Angels LA Clippers Los Angeles Kings
Bally Sports Wisconsin Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Bucks
Marquee Sports Network Chicago Cubs
Bally Sports Great Lakes [Cleveland Indians]
YES Network New York Yankees Brooklyn Nets

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