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Father of Four Collection Online Streaming Guide

  • Father of Four

    2 november 1953

    Everyday portrayal of a single father with four children

  • Father of Four: In the Snow

    1 november 1954

    Ib Schønberg is again the kindly father - and now he is crowned “the ideal driver”. This means that he can take all his four children to winter holiday in Norway.

  • Father of Four: In the Countryside

    7 november 1955

    Its summer and everyone are going on holiday to a small fisher town in Jutland.

  • Father of Four: In the City

    12 november 1956
  • Father of Four: And Uncle Sofus

    25 november 1957

    At home in the small family is nothing new. Tiny Per is the school’s mischief maker, Sister has heartaches, Mie and Ole has to be in the school play, etc. But suddenly something happens. Good old Uncle Anders has a twin brother in the United States. He called Sofus, and now he comes home to celebrate 70th birthday. He was a troublemaker when he left and now he has become even worse

  • Father of Four and the Wolf Cubs

    10 november 1958

    Tiny Per gets its biggest wish: He becomes a scout. Sister also gets hers biggest wish: She’s getting married. So now Mie take over the household and it’s not going to go quietly.

  • Father of Four: On Bornholm

    26 december 1959

    The popular Danish family are vacationing on the island of Bornholm. Unfortunately, they have not been able to get hotel rooms, but Tiny Per, always resourceful, have come up with the idea that they must sleep in a tent. Father and Uncle Anders are not quite enthusiastic about the idea, but there is nothing else to do.

  • Father of Four: The Whole Shebang

    15 december 1961

    Tiny Per has come of school age, and he has certainly not become any duller. He has joined a soccer team and they must play against the Swedes.

  • Father of Four: In High Spirits

    13 augustus 1971

    Uncle Anders and tiny Per has won a caravan in a contest. It’s summer vacation, and the family takes in high spirits off to Jutland with their new home towed behind the car. One morning they discover that the Benneweis circus is setting up tents near the campsite

  • Father of Four: Never Gives Up!

    10 januari 2005
  • Father of Four: Living Large

    25 december 2006

    It’s summer, it’s sunny and it’s Sunday. The car is packed, and Dad and the kids are on the way to Bornholm on vacation. But then comes the postman with a registered letter to Uncle Donald. He has inherited an estate on Funen, and he must urgently turn to take over the castle.

  • Father of Four: Home Field Advantage

    3 oktober 2008
  • Father of Four: In Japanese Mode

    4 februari 2010

    When a Japanese family moves in next door, Per and Shin, the same age, instantly become friends. But after the boys cut school, each set of parents’ blames the other, causing a rift between neighbors. What will it take for the two families to reconcile their differences?

  • Father of Four: Back to Nature

    6 oktober 2011

    I ‘Far til fire - tilbage til naturen’ sættes Fars evner ud i friluftslivet på prøve, da familien rejser på weekend i Sverige. Familien skal besøge Annika, Fars kusine, hvis fødselsdag falder sammen med årets midsommerfest. Annika har en naturpark, og Far glæder sig til at vise børnene, hvor han legede som dreng. Onkel Anders griber chancen og trækker i sin gamle spejdertrøje og finder kompasset frem.

  • Vader met vier kinderen op zee

    4 oktober 2012
  • Father of Four: Onkel Sofus Returns

    6 februari 2014

    Father and his family comes to visit onkel Anders’ twin brother, Sofus, who comes all the way from Australia with a cow in tow. Unfortunately, Sofus equally surly and grumpy, as Anders is good and kind. Sofus takes his cow with Herefords to win milking competition. But when the cow refuses to give milk may Lille Per, Mie, Ole and Seas learn Sofus that words are leading the way to be good to others.

  • Father of Four: Wild Holiday

    1 oktober 2015

    A wild holiday of the father of four and his family.

  • Father of Four: At The Top

    9 februari 2017

    De vader van een gezin lijdt aan een ernstige vorm van hoogtevrees. Hij krijgt een nieuwe baan aangeboden en zal op de 27ste verdieping van een hoog gebouw aan de slag gaan. De nieuwe baan van de vader zal ervoor zorgen dat het gezin op dezelfde locatie kan blijven wonen.

  • Vader Met Vier Kinderen Op Vakantie

    28 juni 2018

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