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SCOOP: Disney+ Will Allow Offline Mobile & Tablet Viewing on up to 10 Devices

Stephanie Sengwe

Disney has kept a lot of information on the inner workings of Disney+ on the down low. The company only alerted the public of it’s bundle this past month, since announcing their $6.99 Disney+ price point in April. Aside from a slate of original shows as well as the fact that it will also be launching in Canada and the Netherlands on Nov. 12, the general public doesn’t have too much knowledge on the service.

Well, today at the D23 Expo, the company gave more information on the service. We’ve learned that the highly anticipated streaming service will allow unlimited offline mobile and tablet viewing. Content can be downloaded on up to 10 devices, no limit on the number of shows or movies, with the only being that of the amount of space on the device of choice. In comparison, Netflix currently limits offline viewing to either 2 or 4 devices, depending on which plan you subscribe to.

Disney has partnered with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku, and Sony to distribute Disney+. These partnerships give users the ability to sign up for the service on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, and PS4 devices. As part of the partnership with Apple, Disney+ will not only support in-app purchase, but will also be fully integrated in Appleโ€™s TV App at launch.