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Locast Announces Program to Help Those Strapped for Cash in the Wake of the Coronavirus

Stephanie Sengwe

Locast — the non-profit digital translator service — announced an emergency program to help those who may be going through financial hardships in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Locast provides access to local broadcast TV stations in various designated market areas online, using any internet-connected device, free of charge. The company asks for a voluntary donation of $5 per month from customers who want uninterrupted service, free of requests for contributions.

To help viewers, the company stated they will offer 30 days of uninterrupted service to customers who cannot make the voluntary $5 monthly donation. Users simply have to send an email request to [email protected]

โ€œIf you currently do not contribute to Locast, need the uninterrupted service, and cannot afford to contribute $5 per month, send us an email at and we’ll give you interruption-free service for 30 days,โ€ said Locast founder and chairman David Goodfriend. โ€œYour local broadcast TV stations can provide exactly the kind of local emergency news and public health information you need to help slow the spread of coronavirus and keep yourself, your friends, and family safe.โ€

Locast is currently available in 17 U.S. cities and reaches more than 41 million viewers nationwide with local news, weather, emergency information, sports and entertainment programming available from broadcast TV. Viewers using internet-connected devices can watch, for free via the Locast app or at www.locast.org.