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Netflix Has 67 Million Subscribers in U.S. and Canada, but International Carrying Growth

Jason Gurwin

Starting next year, Netflix will begin reporting subscribers and financial information by region rather than U.S. and International. Ahead of the change, the company released a filing today that outlines the breakdown in United States and Canada (UCAN); Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); Latin America (LATAM) and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Netflix Subscribers by Region (in thousands)

At the end of the Q3 2019, Netflix had 67.1 million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, up just 3.6% from the end of last year. In October, Netflix said that the company had 60.6 million subscribers in the U.S. meaning that 6.5 million of the UCAN subscribers are in Canada.

Most of their growth is coming from EMEA, which had 47.4 million subscribers, and APAC, which had nearly 14.5 million subscribers — up 25% and 37% respectively. Latin America had 29.4 million subscribers — seeing nearly 13% growth since the end of last year.

Region 2017 2018 2019*
UCAN 58,422 64,757 67,114
EMEA 26,004 37,818 47,355
LATAM 19,717 26,077 29,380
APAC 6,501 10,607 14,485

*Thru Q3 2019

Netflix Average Revenue Per Membership

Despite growing at a slower rate in the U.S. and Canada than the rest of the world, the company has been able to make that up by raising prices. Since 2017, the average monthly revenue per subscriber is up nearly 24% from $9.97 to $12.36. Last January, Netflix raised prices from $10.99 to $12.99 a month on their most popular Standard plan that includes two screens at a time in HD.

The company hasn’t been able to raise rates as quickly outside of the U.S., like in India where they have launched a cheaper mobile only plan. Since 2017, Netflix has only seen a 4% increase in streaming membership prices (excluding foreign currency fluctuations) in APAC and 3% in EMEA.

Region 2017 2018 2019*
UCAN $9.97 $11.16 $12.36
EMEA $9.17 $10.45 $10.26
LATAM $8.08 $8.19 $8.21
APAC $9.11 $9.33 $9.31

*Thru Q3 2019

Netflix Percentage of Members by Region

Given the growth International though, U.S. and Canada now only make up 42% of the company’s subscribers — down from nearly 53% at the end of 2017. Most of that has shifted to EMEA, which includes nearly 30% of their membership base and APAC, which has increase to over 9% of Netflix’s total members.

Region 2017 2018 2019*
UCAN 52.8% 46.5% 42.4%
EMEA 23.5% 27.2% 29.9%
LATAM 17.8% 18.7% 18.6%
APAC 5.9% 7.6% 9.1%

*Thru Q3 2019