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Is the SNOO by Happiest Baby Worth It? SNOO by Happiest Baby Review - Baby Gear

As a new parent myself, one of the most difficult challenges with a newborn is getting sleep.

We tried everything. Rocking our baby in our arms, a sound machine on our phone, feeding her until she fell to sleep, and letting her cry it out. Nothing worked.

On a good night, we were lucky if we would get 2-3 hours of sleep. Something had to change. It just wasn’t sustainable.

Is the SNOO worth the price?

We had considered buying a SNOO when our child was first born, but held off — afraid of the $1,200 price tag. Now with bloodshot eyes and no end in sight, we thought we would give it a chance.

No one will argue, $1,160 is expensive for a Bassinet. In comparison, the HALO Bassinet we had with a built in sound machine was $250. So you’re talking about something that is nearly 5x the cost.

It’s not a fair comparison.

The biggest advantage to the SNOO is that it’s essentially a digital Night Nurse. Once you’re done feeding, you can stick your child into The SNOO and it will help rock it to sleep.

In comparison, a Night Nurse in most major cities can command almost $200 per night. If you hired one for just one week, you’re almost at the same cost as the SNOO.

How does the SNOO work?

The SNOO, which was created by The Happiest Baby on the Black Author and Pediatrician, Harvey Karp - puts to practice his theory of 5 S’s to Soothe a Crying Baby.

His theory is that all babies are born 3 months early. Their first three months is a fourth trimester that needs womb sensations.

To simulate this, the SNOO monitors and responds to your baby’s needs. First, strap your baby in the built-in swaddle. Then, with a push of a button the SNOO will begin gently rocking your baby.

If your baby continues to be fussy, it will start with faster jiggles and respond with white noise including the sound of a heart beat to simulate the sounds inside the womb.

Because your baby is strapped into a built-in swaddle, they will be kept safely on their back.

Does the SNOO actually work?

For our child, it did. We went from a baby that we needed to be rocked to sleep, to one we can feed and put directly in the bassinet. That’s the biggest difference.

It may help your baby improve their sleep, but the biggest benefit is that after you sleep you can go right back to bed. For a newborn that feeds every 3 hours, that can mean an extra 60-90 minutes of sleep per night.

How can I buy the SNOO?

The best way to purchase the SNOO is directly from Happiest Baby.

They include Free Shipping and a 30-Day No Risk Trial. They sometimes offer promotions of up to 25% off the SNOO on their anniversary and around the holidays. If you’re not ready to buy, you can also now rent the SNOO starting at $3.50 per day.

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