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Study: Amazon Prime Video Has Biggest Horror Library

Steve Anderson

The culmination of spooky season hits this weekend, with the arrival of Halloween. While a case can be made for spooky season all winter long—when night falls at 5:30, it’s hard not to be a little spooked—Halloween is still the leading force of fear in our calendar year. For those looking for a good scare on streaming, Amazon Prime Video is the way to go. The amazing part is, it’s still the leader despite recent cutbacks in its horror content.

There’s plenty of horror content out there, no matter what time of the year it is. Amazon is proof positive of that. Amazon’s horror content currently accounts for one in every four hours of horror content available to stream in the United States. According to a study from Ampere Analysis, Amazon currently boasts 664 hours of horror-based content for streaming.

That’s a huge win over even its most immediate competitor in scare circles, Netflix, which boasts about half that at roughly one in every eight hours of horror content online. In perhaps the unkindest cut of all, horror-themed streaming site Shudder can only boast about 12 percent of all horror-themed streaming content.

While Amazon is a clear and present winner in horror streaming, there’s less carnage available than in previous years. Last year at this time, Amazon boasted over four times as much horror content, coming in at over 2,800 hours.

This is actually part of a concerted effort on Amazon’s part; Amazon has been focusing its efforts on pulling together what Ampere calls a “…a smaller, curated and higher value title list.” Meanwhile, much of the horror film landscape is comprised of low-budget material that went straight to DVD. That was a lucrative strategy back when there were video stores in every town, but not so much these days.

Amazon’s pullback, however, comes at a time when its competitors are ramping up the scary. Netflix, for example, offered up the “Netflix and Chills” horror event. Taking full advantage of the pop culture lingo, Netflix used the phrase centrally to its advertising of horror content. Meanwhile, Shudder went full-court press, declaring the spooky season to start back around Labor Day with “61 Days of Halloween”, culminating in the actual Halloween, October 31.

There is an advantage to the notion of “quality over quantity.” Just because there are six “Sharknado”movies (seven if you count the documentary) out there doesn’t mean anyone wants to watch them over and over.

Focusing on the best and hardest-hitting of the lot isn’t a bad idea per se, but it also has a downside connected to it. One of the great attractions of horror film is the “so-bad-it’s-good” notion. Horror has long been ripe for mockery, with groups of friends sitting around and laughing at how bad the special effects are, or how cheesy the dialogue is, or even some of the logic failures inherent in the plot. Failing to account for the sheer fun of watching garbage horror is almost like failing to account for kids interested in wolfing down cheap Halloween candy. Sure, you’re taking the high ground in offering one sliver of 47 percent cacao chocolate to those trick-or-treaters. But you’re begging for an egging, metaphorically speaking, when the house down the block is dumping handfuls of miniatures into visitors’ bags.

If Amazon continues its overall strategy of thinning its offerings to the best and the brightest alone, it may have a hard time competing when the next spooky season hits. Horror has its own built-in audience. Decades of low-budget horror makes that perfectly clear. Not meeting that audience’s expectations won’t produce positive results, especially in the increasingly competitive streaming market.

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Best Horror Movies on Prime Video

  • Vampiros de Almas

    1956 M02 5

    A trama é sobre o médico Miles Bennell. Após voltar de um congresso para a sua cidade natal, ele se depara com um fenômeno estranho: diversas pessoas afirmam que seus parentes não são os mesmos, apesar de manterem a aparência física e as lembranças. Incrédulo no início, aos poucos Bennell vai descobrindo que tudo faz parte de uma invasão alienígena, que assume a forma das pessoas para conquistar seu objetivo.

    This is Metacritic’s fifth best-reviewed horror movie of all time.

  • O Homem de Palha

    1973 M12 1

    O policial Neil Howie chega à ilha de Summerisle, na costa escocesa, com a missão de investigar o desaparecimento de uma jovem. Os habitantes da ilha, no entanto, não parecem dispostos a colaborar. Todos, inclusive a mãe da menina, negam que ela exista ou que tenham ligado para a polícia e relatado o crime. Quanto mais Howie procura, mais se confunde. Para piorar, revela-se diante dele uma comunidade pagã cheia de amor livre e folclores celtas, que vai contra tudo aquilo em que o religioso e conservador policial acredita.

    Watch out for the 2006 Nicolas Cage remake, which is simultaneously terrible and hilarious.

  • Invasão Zumbi

    2016 M07 20

    Martial law is declared when a mysterious viral outbreak pushes Korea into a state of emergency. Those on an express train to Busan, a city that has successfully fended off the viral outbreak, must fight for their own survival…

    This highly entertaining zombie adventure features Gong Yoo as a father trying to connect with his estranged daughter. He’d later appear in the breakthrough Netflix series “Squid Game” (2021).

  • O Farol

    2019 M10 18

    Two lighthouse keepers (Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson) try to maintain their sanity while living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

  • O Hospedeiro

    2006 M07 27

    Following the dumping of gallons of toxic waste in the river, a giant mutated squid-like appears and begins attacking the populace. Gang-du’s daughter Hyun-seo is snatched up by the creature; with his family to assist him, he sets off to find her.

    This film is directed by Bong Joon-ho, who would later go on to international fame thanks to Best Picture Academy Award-winner “Parasite” (2019).

  • O Lamento

    2016 M05 12

    A chegada de um misterioso estranho em uma aldeia tranquila coincide com uma onda de assassinatos cruéis, causando pânico e desconfiança entre os moradores. Quando a filha do oficial de investigação Jong-Goo cai sob a mesma magia selvagem, ele chama um xamã para ajudar a encontrar o culpado.

  • O Culto

    2017 M11 5

    Dois irmãos foram criados num culto religioso do qual fugiram quando Justin percebeu a possibilidade da ocorrência de um suicídio em massa. Dez anos depois, eles, recebem uma mensagem em vídeo bastante enigmática. Nela, um membro do culto fala de uma ‘ascensão’ iminente e então resolvem regressar ao local aonde eram realizados os cultos em busca de respostas. Mas, ao chegarem, descobrem que o ‘culto’ pode afinal não ser o que pensavam e começam a duvidar, inclusive, se serão bem-vindos.


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