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CuriosityStream Announces ‘The Smartest Bundle in Streaming’ with 6 Services Included

Lauren Forristal

CuriosityStream has launched an enhanced premium tier offering called the “Smart Bundle.” The bundle provides exclusive access to the platform’s films, shows, and series in 4K, as well as five other leading subscription services dedicated to educational content and exploration/travel entertainment. Priced at $69.99 annually, the bundle will save subscribers at least 88% compared to paying for each service individually.

Premium tier customers, as well as existing subscribers who upgrade, will get:

  • Tastemade+: award-winning food, travel, and home & design series and documentaries
  • SommTV: wine, food, travel, and hospitality
  • Topic: exclusive, critically acclaimed, and award-winning crime, thrillers, drama, noir, and international films
  • One Day University: classes from America’s top university professors
  • Nebula: educational streaming platform featuring videos from YouTube creators

The Smart Bundle provides thousands of hours of content with more being added every week across the six total services.

Devin Emery, Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Content Strategy, for Curiosity said, “We believe we’ve built the most compelling collection of intellectually stimulating content out there for, frankly, unrivaled value… We’re excited to partner with these leading services to provide subscribers access to the best collection of smart, high-quality entertainment anchored by Curiosity Stream’s Premium 4K offering.”

CuriosityStream gains most of its subscribers from bundled distribution deals. In October, Redbox partnered with the company. They also partnered with fuboTV for its linear Curiosity Channel which provides 4K titles and genres like nature, science, history, adventure, travel, space, and more.

In its latest earnings report, President & CEO, Clint Stinchcomb, said, “…we are laying the groundwork for attractive long-term growth as we fulfill our mission to satisfy humanity’s enduring curiosity about our world with premium factual content that informs, enchants, and inspires.”

Known for its niche library, the documentary-focused subscription streaming service has more than 3,000 award-winning exclusives, originals, and licensed titles. The CuriosityStream SVOD service has approximately 23 million subscribers worldwide and is available in 175+ countries.

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream is a subscription streaming service that offers 1,800+ documentaries and series on science, space, technology, nature, history, health, and more. The service was created by the Discovery Channel founder, John Hendricks, in 2015.

The streaming service includes both original and acquired content including those featuring Stephen Hawking, David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins, Peter Diamandis, and Richard Hammond.

The content is similar to the type of shows you may find on Discovery, The History Channel, Animal Planet, and The Science Channel.

Curiosity Stream offers a two tiers: Standard for $2.99 per month ($20 per year) for HD streaming or Premium for $9.99 per month ($70 per year) for 4K streaming of 80+ shows. A small number of their episodes are available for free and presented by their sponsors.