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Netflix Not Working? How to Fix Freezing and Troubleshoot Connection Issues

Here are a number of tricks you can use to troubleshoot the streaming process.

Chris Hutton

Sometimes, while you’re watching Netflix, things will glitch up. Maybe the episode onscreen won’t load. Maybe the movie freezes at a peak moment. These sorts of glitches are quite common for the everyday Netflix user and often end in groans, sighs of annoyance and other audible expressions of aggravation.

Here are some tips to consider to troubleshoot your frozen Netflix binge:

Connectivity Issues

On most occasions, these sorts of disconnects are related to issues of connectivity. Some simple solutions for fixing this often include rebooting a wireless router or trying a different network altogether. Oftentimes, the router or other devices are overwhelmed by a number of elements, whether it’s overuse or overheating. This is particularly true for public routers or in households with multiple residents.

Resetting the router, the modem or even the device that is streaming Netflix will often allow the user to fix the issue within minutes. Adjusting your physical position in regard to the router may also affect the transmission.

Resetting the Netflix App

If resetting the devices doesn’t fix the problem, then it is likely a specific issue within the software itself. One easy way to fix this is by resetting the app itself. You can easily reset the app on Android and iOS devices by accessing the Netflix options in your Settings, hitting the reset function then allowing the app to update accordingly. If you are attempting to fix a television such as an LG or Samsung TV, there are separate troubleshooting models to use for them.

Still Having Issues?

If there are still issues, it might be worth checking to see if the state of any firewalls or VPNs that may limit or affect dataflow to and from the device. Netflix will automatically stop streaming if it detects a VPN being used locally. There are tools that can be used by VPN users to evade this error if they desire.

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