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PlayStation Vue Renames “My Shows” to “My DVR”

PlayStation Vue released an update to their app which renamed their DVR from “My Shows to “My DVR.”

PlayStation Vue includes an Unlimited DVR (for 28 days) in their monthly subscription. While this change appears minor, the hope is that it helps the company stand out against some of the other providers who offer more limited DVRs.

They company had previously announced major changes in late February, enabling mobile sign-up, access to your RSNs while traveling, and local channels in the city you’re visiting while traveling.

From PlayStation Blog:

Mobile Sign Up

“With this update, new users can sign up and start watching PlayStation Vue directly from PSVue.com on your mobile phone, tablet or PC, even if you are outside of your home. This gives you even greater flexibility, allowing you to sign up and watch wherever you are.”

In-Home Regional Sports Network Access

“You’ll now be able to access regional sports networks like Fox Sports or NBC Sports even if you are traveling to another city. That way, you can still watch your favorite home team, even if you are in a rival city!”

Out-of-Home Local Broadcast Station Access

“If you are traveling out of town with your PS Vue-supported device, you can watch the local broadcast channels that are available in the city you are in. It’s a great way to catch up on local news and weather when you’re on the road.”

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