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Study Finds a New Demographic of Streamers — Virtual Corders

Stephanie Sengwe

As the streaming arena gets more and more saturated with big-name as well as niche streaming services, consumers’ palates continue to change as well due to the wide range of options.

In the advent of the streaming wars, MRI Simmons — a research company that provides insights on the American consumer — has discovered that in addition to pay-TV traditionalists, cord shavers and cord cutters, a new group of viewers has emerged — the virtual corder.

According to their study titled, “Rise of the Virtual Corder,” virtual corders are “a young, diverse and wealthy group of consumers who are passionate about their TV content and media in general.” The study found that seven percent (17.8 million) of Americans use a Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (vMVPD) to watch TV content. Virtual corders are social viewers who often opt to watch TV with family and friends and offer thoughts on social media. The study found that 75 percent of respondents admitted to watching their shows with family or friends, while 54 percent of the group admitted to talk about their shows on social media.

Virtual corders are also binge-watchers — watching three or more episodes in one sitting— and are more likely to save shows to binge later. In addition, virtual corders are viewers who want a commitment from the show before they start watching with 47 percent of the group saying they don’t start watching a show until its been renewed for another season.

MRI Simmons also revealed that virtual corders are more likely to be men who fall under the coveted 18-34-year-old demographic. The study found that virtual corders are likely to be parents, with 43 percent of the group having reported to have children. This implies that virtual corders are more likely, than any other group, to be swayed by services that offer kids programming.

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