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Tribeca Film Festival Offers Online ‘Short Film’ Series

Fern Siegel

The spring Tribeca Film Festival was canceled due to Covid-19. But to help during a crisis, TFF can still screen its films for fans — free.

“A Short Film a Day, Keeps Anxiety Away” is TFF’s series. The postponed festival will offer a film daily, including online premieres, reports The Wrap.

The series will run throughout April at tribecafilm.com for a limited time. Filmmakers will also utilize Instagram Stories on Tribeca’s link to chronicle stay-at-home life.

The first film, a comedy about a stressed woman, “Lady Hater,” launches March 30. Actress Alexandra Baretto (“Pepper Dennis”) is the director. The short “Love 40” is now available.

Here’s a full list:

Music soothes in this short about a prodigy and his maestro.

“Lady Hater”
Yoga is good for stress … but not if you pick the wrong class.

There’s always a chance at a “do-over,” especially in this isolation-based love story.

“Hard-ish Bodies”
If you hear a knock on your door, it just might be this plus-size male stripper.

With social media connecting us, here’s one couple who takes it a little too seriously.

“40 Minutes Over Maui”
If you’ve stayed away from that expensive hotel mini-bar … desperate times call for desperate measures.

“Master Maggie”
An acting coach and her new student prep for a very unexpected audition.

Shorts Festival Alumni Will Post in April:

Relationships can really “bite” sometimes in this short starring Lola Kirke.

If you’re missing social events, Tribeca cordially invites you to a rather unusual birthday party.

“I Think She Likes You”
This guy thinks his fantasy of being with two women is coming true. Uh … not so much.

“Lost Weekend”
Rock out with Van Halen, even if you won’t remember much afterwards.

“Fire in Cardboard City”
As far as complete disasters go few can top a “Fire in Cardboard City!”

“Warning Labels”
Pay attention to the little labels we all wear when looking for a meaningful connection.

“Early Sunday Morning”
This couple finds a moving and beautiful way to use an empty theater.

“Don’t Mess With Julie Whitfield”
During times of stress, try to keep calm and “Don’t Mess With Julie Whitfield.”

We all love our parents even when they can be a little curmudgeonly.

“Café Glass”
In the not too distant future a society hopelessly addicted to technology faces meltdown when the power goes out.

“Approaching a Breakthrough”
Unconventional times call for unconventional therapy to keep us grounded.

Worst-case scenario? This confused narrator has three of them to keep you on the edge of your sofa!

“Pink Helmet Posse”
Watch out for roving skateboard gangs of grade schoolers, especially the Pink Helmet Posse!

“Today’s the Day”
One thing we should never lose sight of is our hopes and dreams!

“That’s My Jazz”
Everyone is cooking at home so here is a poignant short about family, love and pastry.

“One Year Lease”
Even if this month’s rent is late, be thankful this isn’t your landlord.

An inventor’s future-seeing machine gets stuck in a loop.

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