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World Cup Driving 50% Week-Over-Week Growth for Hulu

In an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Alley yesterday, Hulu’s CEO Randy Freer shared that the World Cup has increased Hulu Live TV subscriptions 50% week-over-week.

“We think live events are incredibly valuable. If you look at – the best — the biggest events are best on Hulu is something we like to do. We see our live subscriptions are up 50% week over week since the World Cup started. So we’re seeing a big uptick as people come in, want to experience the live (events).”

When asked if Hulu could join Amazon & Twitter and bid on rights for streaming sports, Freer shared:

“I think ultimately as we all get enough customers we’ll compete for the best product that’s going to engage those customers in the biggest and best way. And i think, hopefully, Hulu will be right at that table.”

You can watch the full interview in which he discusses Apple/Oprah, 21st Century Fox/Disney, and AT&T/Time Warner and their impact on Hulu.