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Netflix Drops Premiere Date, Teaser Trailer for ‘Baby-Sitters Club’

Fern Siegel

Netflix will begin airing its “The Baby-Sitters Club” adaptation on July 3.

The 10-episode series is based on Ann M. Martin’s novels, published between 1986 and 2000. The best-selling books are hugely popular with tween girls.

The girls live in Connecticut and come from various backgrounds, but bond via their shared business enterprise: baby-sitting. The club boasts girls with regional, racial and ethnic diversity. And in the course of the stories, they deal with various family issues, from divorce to losing parents.

The cast includes Kristy Thomas (Sophie Grace), Mary Anne Spier (Malia Baker), Claudia Kishi (Momona Tamada), Stacey McGill (Shay Rudolph) and Dawn Schafer (Xochitl Gomez) as the middle-schoolers. Alicia Silverstone stars as the single mother of Kristy and love interest of good guy Watson Brewer, played by Mark Feuerstein.

Rachel Shukert (“Glow”) is the showrunner and Lucia Aniello (“Broad City”) doubles as director and executive producer.

The teaser trailer, released today, has them addressing their first customer for their baby-sitters club.

‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Teaser Trailer