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Meal Kits: Reviews

The FOMOPOP team spent over 50 hours ordering, unboxing, unwrapping, chopping, cooking, eating, and cleaning over a dozen meal kit delivery services.

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon was the only meal kit where the tastiness was matched by extra large portions.

  • Above average portions with plenty of leftovers for lunch.
  • Meals were very tasty.
  • All meals took less than 30 minutes from pan to table.
  • Some recipes called for items you wouldn’t necessarily have on hand (e.g. eggs).

While others provide similarly high quality ingredients at similar price points, we found Marley Spoon’s portions to be ~30% larger.

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While the tastiness of Gobble was nothing to write home about, they were by far the easiest to prep, cook, and cleanup. We had no problem getting from box to table in 20-25 minutes.

  • Ingredients were generally pre-prepped.
  • Box to table in under 25 minutes.
  • Food was adequate but nothing fancy.

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Sun Basket

We found Sun Basket to be tastier with higher quality ingredients than other “Diet Friendly” meal kits. They also were ~$10/week cheaper than other Paleo options.

  • High quality ingredients.
  • Best value for Paleo eaters.
  • Only 3-4 meal options for each diet, so limited flexibility

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We were amazed by the recipes and unique ingredients from Plated. Things like Cheesy Beef Empanadas and Pork Tonkatsu. It truly felt like a cooking class at home.

  • Interesting and impressive recipes.
  • Felt like a cooking class at home.
  • Food was very tasty.
  • Recipes took over an hour (even though they said 30-40 minutes)

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Chef’d is basically the Amazon of meal kits. While most services give you 6-15 recipes to choose from every week, Chef’d had nearly 600 meal options to choose from.

  • Nearly 600 recipes to choose from.
  • Can order individual kits or save 10-15% with subscription
  • Meals a little pricier than most weekly meal kits.

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Terra’s Kitchen

Terra’s Kitchen was the only service that used a reusable vessel. This means no wasteful cardboard boxes, insulation, ice packs, and plastic bags.

  • Uses eco-friendly reusable packaging.
  • Many ingredients come pre-prepped/chopped in “bento boxes”
  • Reusable vessel is very heavy if you need to carry it up stairs.

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Blue Apron

Blue Apron meals were very tasty, but often required more prep work and cleanup.

  • Unique farm to table recipes.
  • Get exposed to ingredients you wouldn’t normally purchase.
  • Took ~45 min from box to table
  • Required more prep work and cleanup

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Green Chef

We liked that Green Chef used most organic and non-GMO ingredients. Their meals fit well for those with specialty diets (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, etc.)

  • High quality organic ingredients
  • Good for those on specialty diets.
  • No flexibility — each meal plan only offers 3 recipes
  • Pricier than other diet-friendly meal kits

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We found HelloFresh to have very tasty meals. We liked how they separated each meal in it’s own kit to make unpacking a little easier.

  • Ingredients come organized by recipe.
  • Tastier than most meal kits we tested.
  • Limited nutrition info besides calories.
  • Some premium items have a surcharge.

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PeachDish focuses on Southern-style recipes with a great variety of ingredients. The recipe cards were a little difficult to follow compared to other kits. The biggest knock is that you will end up spending about $15/week than other meal kits.

  • Great variety of ingredients.
  • Recipes were sometimes difficult to follow.
  • More expensive than similar quality meal kits.

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Dinnerly is the lowest-priced meal kit at just $30/week (plus shipping). While it is cheap, we felt the meals were a little too basic and not as tasty as a traditional meal kit.

  • Lowest weekly price.
  • Recipes were boring.
  • Food was basic and bland.
  • Portions were pretty small.

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Other Services

Purple Carrot

We simply didn’t like Purple Carrot. There wasn’t menu flexibility, they often required fancy kitchen gadgets, and the food was bland. We felt there were better options if you are a vegetarian or vegan.

  • 100% Vegetarian Recipes
  • No menu flexibility.
  • Bland food.
  • Recipes require fancy kitchen gadgets.

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Home Chef

We felt Home Chef offered lower quality ingredients and smaller portion sizes compared to the other meal kits we tested. There are better options out there.

  • Offered more recipes to choose from than most kits
  • Lower quality ingredients.
  • Smaller portion sizes.
  • Recipes tasted worse than others we tried.

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