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Last-Minute Gift Idea: Best Live Streaming Services for Kids’ Classes and Remote Learning

Lauren Forristal

Online learning through live streaming is becoming super popular because of the convenience and classroom-like feel. Virtual educational programs and classes can be essential for kids’ development and allow them to express their creativity and find hobbies that they’ll love. Every child will benefit from a wide variety of remote classes whether it be learning to paint, how to play the guitar, or even learning a new language. So whether you have financial limits, transportation, or you want to stick with a remote learning environment because of COVID-19 or other reasons, then live streaming services with kids classes are the best solution.

Here are the top live streaming services that The Streamable recommends for kids classes (ages 0-10).


Created by professionals and teachers, Veeko gives children access to afterschool education through their app that has highly trained teachers who have creative lesson plans to keep kids engaged. Classes include Math Tricks, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Fine Arts, Painting, Drawing, Storytelling, Magic, Yoga, Kung Fu, Spanish, Chinese, and Singing. Subscribers can get all 15 courses for a yearly fee of $99 (with the code above) and the entire family can join with a shared login.

Veeko also has arts-based masterclasses such as Piano, Violin, Ballet, Guitar, Singing, Music Theory, Oboe, Clarinet, Viola, Double Bass, and more. You can select two masterclass courses and 15 afterschool classes for $198.

Subscribe to Veeko for $600 a year or use code VEEKOGIFT to get classes for $99


This education platform offers various online small-group classes that gives young children the ability to explore different interests. Outschool has a catalog of over 140,000 live online classes, approximately 9.5 million class hours, and more than 1,000,000 learners in 183 countries.

Our classes are taught live and online, so learners and teachers can interact via video chat or text in real-time. Kids form real friendships on Outschool every day as they expand their knowledge and build their skills.

Join Outschool for free and spend as low as $10 on each class

Growing Brilliant

The Growing Brilliant Online Preschool Academy provides a hands-on and interactive online preschool experience. Children can prepare for Kindergarten and beyond with 60+ topics like art, sculpting, reading, and lots more. The classes are 45 minutes long and are taught live through video chat by qualified preschool teachers who meet with preschoolers 2-5 days per week. Growing Brilliant also sends curriculum boxes with the necessary supplies.

Try one class for free, then tuition is $34 per week, plus a one-time $35 registration fee


Circletime’s live online learning experience for children is based on AAP guidance and has classes that are designed around the developmental and academic needs of children 0-10 years old. Parents can choose from over 120 virtual live classes via Zoom by age range or there are on-demand videos as well depending on your schedule.

Get a free trial and then sign up on Circletime for $19.95 a month


DIY (Do It Yourself) offers more than 50 courses, 3,500+ projects, and over 30 skills for kids to learn. There are also TV shows included as well. There are live streams of challenges where kids are taught how to draw, make crafts, write a book report, do yoga, and lots more. Kids themselves can post videos of what they know as well.

Get 30 days free and then $7.99 a month. New DIY users can get 31% OFF for life by using the code: 31FOREVER


The Beanstalk Channel has live, interactive classes, on-demand classes, and online experiences for kids ages 3-6. Topics include STEM, music, movement, art, imagination play, and more. There are live classes such as “The Magic of Art,” “The Gift of Giving,” “Countdown Ballet,” among many others. The pay-per-pay classes stream daily, Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET.

Sign up today and get a free 7-day trial. The subscription plans cost as low as $10 per month. Pricing for pay per classes vary

Create & Learn

Create & Learn’s global STEM online education platform provides small group classes (5 students max), live video experience, and over 30 different subject areas covering the latest next-generation technologies. Try intro class to coding for free or pay $105 for either four 55-minute sessions of class and one live class or $105 for 12 live classes and 48 55-minute sessions of class. There is also private 1:1 live instruction for $235 as well as “Pals Only” for $220, where your kid’s friends or siblings are only in the class.

Kids (K-12) can join a Create & Learn virtual camp for Winter break for up to 20% off

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