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fuboTV Adds Series Recording Beta to Roku Devices

Jason Gurwin

fuboTV has expanded its Series Recording Beta to include Roku devices. The company had previously added feature on web and on Apple TV.

Prior to this feature, customers could only record an individual episode one at a time, meaning that if you wanted to watch every show of Big Bang Theory, you’d have to manually remember to record it every week.

During the beta, the feature is limited to only record new, first-run episodes of a show. So unfortunately, your binge session of every episode of Friends is going to have to wait. It doesn’t appear that the feature support live sports, so you won’t be able to record every game of your favorite team quite yet.

How to Record a Series on fuboTV using Roku

1. Search for a Show & Go to the Series Detail Page

2. Click Record Series

3. New Episodes are Set to Record

How to Manage or Cancel a Series on fuboTV using Roku

To cancel recording an entire series, just select the Recording Series icon on the Series Detail page. To remove individual episodes, you can go to My Videos and Cancel individual episodes you don’t want to record.

fuboTV Standard Plan ($55) includes 30 Hours of storage, but their Family Bundle ($60) includes their Cloud Plus DVR which allows you to record up to 500 Hours.

Unlike services that offer an Unlimited DVR like PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV which will let you keep your content for up to 28 Days or 9 Months respectively, there is no time limit on saving recordings on fuboTV.

Comparison of DVR on Live TV Streaming Services


20 hours

90 days


250 hours


50 hours



30 days


10 hours



9 months