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How to Stream 2021 NHL Draft Lottery Live For Free Online

Jason Gurwin

With 8 teams still battling it out for the Stanley Cup, the league will be holding the NHL draft lottery to determine which of those that missed the playoffs will get the first two picks in the 2021 NHL Draft. The good news is you can stream the NHL Draft Lottery online even if you don’t have cable.

2021 NHL Draft Lottery

The Buffalo Sabres own the best odds (16.6%), with the Anaheim Ducks next with 12.1%, and the expansion Seattle Kraken with 10.3% chance. This year only two lottery drawings will take place, unlike the last season which saw the top three picks awarded.

Since the Arizona Coyotes were penalized with the loss of their first round pick due to league sanctions, if they win the lottery there will be a redraw.

The Draft Lottery will air on both NHL Network and NBCSN, and feature interviews with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and the general manager of the organization that wins the Draft Lottery. It will be hosted by Kathryn Tappen prior to the opening game of the Winnipeg Jets vs. Montreal Candiens Playoff game.

The draft lottery will determine the first 15 picks in the 2021 NHL Draft, with the two winners getting the top two positions in the draft. While there is no consensus top overall pick, there are some top prospects including Owen Power, Luke Hughes, and Brandt Clark.

How to Stream the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, & Android

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2021 NHL Draft Lottery Odds

  1. Buffalo Sabres | Odds: 18.5%
  2. Anaheim Ducks | Odds: 13.5%
  3. *Seattle Kraken | Odds: 11.5%
  4. New Jersey Devils | Odds: 9.5%
  5. Ottawa Senators | Odds: 8.5%
  6. Columbus Blue Jackets | Odds: 7.5%
  7. Detroit Red Wings | Odds: 6.5%
  8. San Jose Sharks | Odds: 4.5%
  9. Calgary Flames | Odds: 3.5%
  10. Los Angeles Kings | Odds: 6.0%
  11. **Arizona Coyotes | Odds: 2.5%
  12. Vancouver Canucks | Odds: 3.0%
  13. Chicago Blackhawks | Odds: 2.0%
  14. Philadelphia Flyers | Odds: 1.5%
  15. Nashville Predators | Odds: 1.0%
  16. New York Rangers | Odds: 0.5%

*Arizona forfeits their 2021 first-round pick for violating the NHL’s prospect combine testing policy

**Seattle is an expansion team which makes its debut in the 2021-22 season. It automatically owns the third-highest odds to win the draft lottery

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