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Hulu Has 26.8 Million Paid Subscribers, Up From 23 Million At End of 2018

Nick Dimengo

During today’s Hulu ‘19 Presentation at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, company executives took the stage to deliver the streaming company’s extremely rapid growth, along with news about original programming and exclusive talent deals. After a strong first quarter, the company announced that it has increased its total U.S. customer base to more than 28 million, with 26.8 million being monthly paid subscribers (and 1.3 million promotional accounts).

As the fastest growing video service in the U.S., it was revealed in January of this year that Hulu had 25 million subscribers between their SVOD and vMVPD services, with two million being on promotional accounts. In comparison, Netflix has over 60 million U.S. Paid Subscribers, but only added 1.74 million paid subscribers in the first quarter, compared to 3.8 million by Hulu.

Last year, Amazon announced that they had 100 million Prime subscribers, but according to a report by Reuters in March of 2018, about 26 million U.S. customers stream videos on Prime Video.

Hulu CEO Randy Freer at today’s announcement:

“In today’s direct-to-consumer world, viewers are demanding better when it comes to TV — from the user experience to their content choices to the advertising. Hulu’s continued growth, as well as the shows and initiatives announced today, reflect our deep investment in product, programming, brand, customer experience and business strategy to ensure that with Hulu, consumers can connect with the stories they love, at the right time and price, on any device.”

Given today’s announcement from Hulu, which is now 66% owned by Disney, the company has its sights set on continuing to provide top-level content for its users, aiming to become the largest video service option.