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Watch Out For These Hidden Fees in the New AT&T TV Plans

Jason Gurwin

AT&T officially launched their streaming version of DirecTV, which is named AT&T TV, nationwide today. While it looks similar to a Live TV Streaming, when you dig a little deeper it’s closer to cable or satellite than the what we’ve become used to with internet streaming.

The service has four plans which start at $49.99 with a two-year contract:

  • Entertainment: $49.99 w/ 70 channels
  • Choice: $54.99 w/ 90 channels
  • Xtra: $64.99 w/ 120 channels
  • Ultimate: $69.99 w/ 125 channels

But just like when you sign-up for Cable or Satellite, those prices are a bit misleading because unlike Live TV Streaming Services, these are just introductory prices and don’t include taxes and fees.

1. The Price Goes Up In The Second Year

As it stands, pricing is set to increase after the first year for each package. The Entertainment and Choice packages, which are currently going for $49.99/mo. and $54.99/mo. will add on prevailing rates of $93 and $110 per month, respectively. The XTRA and Ultimate packages, which are currently $64.99 and $69.99 will also take on prevailing rates of $124 and $135 per month after the first year.

2. Doesn’t Include RSN Fee

Since some customers live in areas where regional sports networks provide coverage of your local sports teams, AT&T includes them as part of their base programming packages for a monthly fee of up to $8.49/mo. RSN is only available for the Choice, XTRA and Ultimate packages.

3. Extra Charges After First Streaming Box

The price includes an AT&T TV package and one AT&T TV device. Customers who want to additional devices can pay a monthly service fee of $10 (for a year) or buy the device for $120. You can stream on up to three boxes at the same time.

4. Bundle Price for Only A Year

While you get a $10 discount for bundling the service with AT&T Wireless, that only lasts 12 months. The discount may also take up to 3 months to go in effect. AT&T is also giving a discount on their AT&T Internet ($39.99) when you bundle the services, but it will increase to the prevailing rate (likely $59.99) after a year.

5. Early Termination Fee

Since the plans include a 24-month contract, termination fees of $15/mo. will be charged (separately) for both TV and Internet for each month remaining on the agreement. Internet equipment non-return fees ($120) will also be applied for any equipment missing.

AT&T TV Cash Back

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