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Amazon Music Comes to Chromecast with Google TV and other Android TV Devices

Jeff Kotuby

Android TV adding another music option to its collection. Today, the company launched an Amazon Music app for the latest Chromecast and Android TV devices.

This is good news for Prime Members, who get a selection of music for free. Full access to the entire library in Amazon Music costs $7.99 per month for Prime members or $9.99 per month for non-subscribers.

Regular Prime Members can access to a curated list of ad-free songs and playlists with an unlimited amount of skips, while users without any subscriptions at all can access Amazon Music’s ad-supported options.

Users familiar with Amazon Music on other devices will be happy to know it functions identically on Chromecast and Android TV, though these apps sport an updated user interface, making it even easier to access your favorite songs.

Google bringing a direct competitor to its YouTube Music service onto its platforms is interesting, to say the least. While the platforms already have apps for other music streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, Amazon is a different beast. Apple Music, despite having an Android App, doesn’t have a native TV App for Android TV devices.

Amazon and Google represent two of the largest entities in the tech space who have battled over just about everything at one point or another. YouTube and Amazon Prime Video were even removed from the other’s platforms at one point in time. The two seem to have made up, though, allowing for this move to happen.

Just yesterday, Amazon-owned IMDb TV announced that it would be coming to Android TV devices.

The Streamable recently covered Google’s niceties with another tech giant, Apple, when it announced Chromecast users could download the Apple TV app, giving them access to their favorite Apple TV and Apple TV+ content. It’s good to see that even the biggest dogs can get along sometimes — especially when it makes life easier for their customers.

The Amazon Music app for Chromecast and Android TV is available for free download in the US, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, and Australia.

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