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Netflix May Let You Remove ‘Are You Still Watching?’ Notification

Stephanie Sengwe

Binge-watchers across the world may be getting some reprieve from that notorious “Are You Still Watching?” pop up that has annoyed them for years on Netflix. As first spotted by The Verge, some users have apparently seen a new option under the pop up, which allows them to disable the feature and select “Play Without Asking Again.”

Because the option has only showed up for a small amount of watchers, it’s believed to be in the testing phase at the moment, and has yet to officially rollout globally.

The “Are You Still Watching?” box typically shows up when users stream multiple episodes of a show without interacting with their remote. The feature was intended to “prevent the unnecessary consumption of internet data and ensure users keep their place in a TV show,” according to Netflix, however, it’s been received as somewhat of a nuisance over the course of its tenure on the platform.

Earlier this year, the streamer also took heed to one of the other major complaints about the platform—autoplay trailers. In February, Netflix launched an option to turn off trailer autoplay. In order to turn autoplay off, users can simply go to the Netflix site, click the “Manage Profiles” button, choose the profile they’d like to update and then uncheck the option that says, “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices.”

The streaming giant also rolled out a “Remove From Row” feature, allowing users to delete unwanted content from the “Continue Watching” row.

Previously, if you started watching a show or movie and stopped somewhere in the middle, that show/movie was added onto the “Continue Watching” row so you can come back to it later. However, if you decided you didn’t want to finish it at all, the service didn’t give you an option to remove the show from the list. Instead, it remained on the row and eventually got pushed to the back as you watched other programs. With the “Remove From Row” feature, you can now delete it from the listing altogether.

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