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How to Get HBO Max For Free or No Additional Cost

How to Get HBO Max For Free

When HBO Max launches on May 27th, you may get the service for free. If not, you could be eligible for an extended free trial or access to “Max” content at no additional cost. The new video-streaming service from WarnerMedia bring content from HBO, Warner Bros., DC Comics, as well as additional original shows, movies, and a library of classic shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, and The West Wing.

While the service is $14.99 a month, the same price as HBO and HBO NOW, many AT&T subscribers will get the service for free or with an extended free trial.

Who Can Get HBO Max For Free?

If you subscribe to DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, AT&T TV NOW, or AT&T Wireless you may be eligible. Those on the DirecTV Premier, U-Verse 400 & U450, AT&T TV NOW Max, AT&T Unlimited Elite, & AT&T Internet 1000 customers will get HBO Max included with their service.

Free HBO Max

  • DirecTV: Premier
  • AT&T TV NOW: Max
  • A&T U-Verse: U400 & U450
  • Wireless: AT&T Unlimited Elite
  • Internet: AT&T Internet 1000

Who Can Get An Extended Free Trial of HBO Max?

New AT&T TV and DirecTV customers on most other plans will get a year free, current subscribers on those plans will get three months free. Most AT&T Wireless and Internet subscribers will get at least one month free.

1-Month Free Trial of HBO Max

  • Wireless: Unlimited 55+, Unlimited Extra, Unlimited Starter, Mobile Share Plus (3GB & 9GB)
  • Internet: DSL, 100Mbps, 300Mbps, Basic, Express, Pro, Elite, Max, Max 18, Max Turbo, or Power

3-Month Free Trial of HBO Max

  • DIRECTV: Entertainment, Choice, Select, Xtra, Ultimate, Mas Latino, Optimo Mas, Mas Ultra
  • U-Verse: U100, U200, U300
  • AT&T TV: Choice, Select, Xtra, Ultimate, Optimo Mas
  • AT&T TV NOW: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, Optimo Mas

Who Can Get An HBO Max For The Same Price as HBO?

Customers who get HBO NOW through App Store (Apple TV Channels), Google Play or streaming services like Hulu and YouTube TV will get HBO Max at no additional charge.

If you have HBO GO through DirecTV, AT&T, Comcast Charter, Verizon, Cox, Altice, or your NCTC cable company, you can access HBO Max for the same price you were paying for HBO.

Currently, those who get HBO through Amazon Prime Video and The Roku Channel will not get access to HBO Max at launch. Those companies have yet to reach an agreement with AT&T for the additional “Max” content. You can continue to stream HBO content.

How Can I Stream HBO Max Content?

While you can watch HBO content through your streaming plan like Hulu or cable company like Charter, you will need to install the HBO Max App to watch the additional “Max” content. This includes past seasons of shows like “Friends” and “The Big Bang Theory” as well as new Max Originals like “Love Life” with Anna Kendrick.

Can I Get a Free Trial to HBO Max?

New or returning HBO subscribers can get a 7-Day Free Trial of HBO Max.

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