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Six Degrees of Celebration Collection Online Streaming Guide

Collection of several interlinked stories that happen on the New Year’s eve.

  • Happy Rutsch

    12. Dezember 2010

    Ein Mädchen aus dem Kinderheim erzählt, dass ihr Vater der Präsident sei. Damit dies die anderen auch glauben, muss sie irgendwie den Präsidenten dazu bringen, während seiner Neujahrsansprache einen bestimmten Satz auszusprechen. Das ist natürlich sehr schwierig, allerdings kann ihr dabei eine bestimmte Theorie behilflich sein. Und zwar die Theorie der sechs Händedrücke, die besagt, dass jeder Mensch jeden anderen auf der Welt durch sechs Bekannte kennt. Um ihr Ziel zu erreichen, muss das Mädchen dem Präsidenten diese Mitteilung durch eine aus vielen Menschen gebildete Kette zukommen lassen, die sich teilweise als recht originelle Persönlichkeiten entpuppen.

  • Six Degrees of Celebration 2

    15. Dezember 2011

    A lot of things happened in the life of “Yolki” hepes during the last year, but here it’s again - the New Year’s eve…

  • Six Degrees of Celebration 3

    26. Dezember 2013
  • Six Degrees of Celebration 1914

    25. Dezember 2014

    100 years ago, the Russian Empire … Christmas Eve. December plugs, holiday celebrations, balls and modest luxury holidays, titled nobles and ordinary peasants, the royal family and the soldiers of the First World War, progressive poets and the first skaters - everything was different, except … the holiday. People prepared, lived, believed dreaming and waiting for this miracle - Christmas!

  • Shaggy Christmas Trees

    30. Dezember 2014

    A funny story about the adventures of a two hairy friends familiar from the “Six Degrees of Celebration” series.

  • Six Degrees of Celebration 5

    22. Dezember 2016

    This time on New Year, the favourite heroes of “Yolki” perform the usual nonsense and hope for a miracle. Borya needs to somehow restore family happiness, and for its sake is ready to steal a penguin from his best friend Zhenya. The Skier and Snowboarder have not matured and stage a mad chase for a Christmas tree. Manya learns how to use the Internet in the hope of finding her old love. The professor from Yekaterinburg has settled down, but now he goes mad from jealousy. In the far North a safety engineer must take a risk and, at last, confess his love. The bloggers who remained with- out Internet have to get out of a lift. Well, and the penguin simply needs to sit down urgently on an egg…

  • Six Degrees of Celebration 6

    21. Dezember 2017

    As the new year celebrations approach, a bunch of characters throughout Russia experience diverse situations that eventually get interconnected towards a joyous finale.

  • The Last Six Degrees of Celebration

    27. Dezember 2018

    “The Last Six Degrees of Celebration” will be the most touching, kind and magical of all, because your favorite characters will say goodbye to the audience. The film almanac will include five New Year stories. In the novel “Pines” millenial will help his brutal stepfather, Uncle Yura, to make a marriage proposal. In “The Brothers”, the inseparable friends, Borya and Zhenya, will once again be on the verge of breaking up, because Zhenya is going to return to Yakutsk. The skier and snowboarder turned the whole city over for the sake of the smile of one beauty in the short story “Restaurant of quick acquaintance”. “The Station for Three” will tell the story of a simple girl from Voronezh who went in pursuit of her happiness - the capital actor Komarovsky, and in the novel “Bad Grandpa” the Snow Maiden will go to save a lonely, but very grumbling grandpa.

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