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Roku Adds 11 Linear Vevo Channels to Free Streaming Service

Roku and Vevo announced a partnership today that will bring 11 linear music video channels to The Roku Channel for easy play-and-relax viewing.

Vevo Pop, Vevo R&B, Vevo Hip Hop, Vevo Reggaeton & Trap, Vevo Country, Vevo Latino, Vevo ‘70s, Vevo ‘80s, Vevo ‘90s, Vevo 2K and Vevo Holiday is the complete lineup. The Streamable immediately noticed that Reggaeton and Trap don’t have much business being lumped together.

“Just in time for the holidays and the New Year, we are thrilled to be bringing our extensive catalog of music videos to The Roku Channel. Over the past 8 plus years, Vevo has been working closely with Roku to develop on-demand music video programming, and today, we have extended our partnership into linear. Roku customers love Vevo music videos, and now, we are bringing 11 decades-based of genre-dedicated channels to The Roku Channel for added enjoyment,” said Rob Christensen, vice president, advanced television, Vevo. “Linear programming also allows us, as tastemakers, to showcase our deep curatorial expertise on the biggest screen in the home and to create more experiences that cater to a variety of consumer preferences, especially as FAST viewing gains popularity.”

Free ad-supported television is having something of a renaissance lately. Subscription services are dealing with the ever-present issue of churn inherent to charging customers steep flat fees.

Competitors like The Roku Channel and Pluto TV are expanding into originals, linear channels and interactive content to differentiate their services with no added costs to consumers making themselves staples of the digital TV wallet.

Both free and ad-supported media will have a place in the streaming world, and it’s nice when free offerings are bolstered by partnerships between complementary companies.