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Apple Rebrands Apple TV (4th Gen) to Apple TV HD, to Differentiate from Apple TV 4K

Apple has quietly updated the name of their previous generation Apple TV (4th Gen) to the Apple TV HD. The new name is meant differentiate from the higher priced Apple TV 4K that includes 4K UHD support. The lower priced, $149 Apple TV HD includes 32GB, a Siri Remote, as well as access to the App Store.

The more expensive Apple TV 4K comes in both 32GB ($179) and 64GB ($199) versions and lets you watch movies and shows in 4K HDR. Additionally, the newer device includes support for Dolby Atmos. Unlike Dolby Digital that assigns audio to channels, Dolby Atmos assigns it to a place. This more accurately represents where sound is coming from, especially as it moves.

Both devices will support Apple’s upcoming Apple TV App with the ability to subscribe to premium services through Apple Channels, as well as their original series through Apple TV+.