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Tony Shalhoub Reprises Monk for Peacock’s ‘At-Home Variety Show,’ Says He and Wife Had COVID-19

Fern Siegel

For the first episode of Peacock’s “At-Home Variety Show,” Tony Shalhoub recreated the famed germophobe Monk — whose obsessive ways now mirror national health dictates.

“Mr. Monk Shelters in Place” shows Monk taking his usual precautions to humorous extremes, even standing six feet away from his laptop on a video conference.

During the show, Shalhoub also revealed that he and his wife, Brooke Adams, had COVID-19.

“I hope you are all being careful and following the protocol. We really are all Monk now,” he said during the show. “Last month, my wife Brooke and I came down with the virus, and it was a pretty rough few weeks. But we realize that so many other people have and had it a lot worse.”

The show comes on each night at 7 p.m. at YouTube.com/PeacockTV. It runs for a month and is hosted by various NBCU stars, kicking off with Seth MacFarlane, best known for “Family Guy.”

MacFarlane calls the show “fun and a diversion, while we wait for our nation’s leaders to get us out of this by spending millions in research to provide expert advice, like maybe trying your elbows as hands.”

“At Home” is also helping to raise money for three causes helping first responders and those in need during the pandemic. They are: Americares, Feeding America and the United Way.

For those wanting to donate: www.PeacockTV.com/ForGood.

The eight seasons of “Monk” will be carried on Peacock, which debuts July 15 nationally. However, it is available to Comcast Xfinity Flex and X1 subscribers now.