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Sådan ser du BallerTV på Android TV

Du kan streame BallerTV på Android TV. Sådan registrerer du, downloader, installerer og starter streaming af BallerTV ved hjælp af din -. Lær, hvordan du får mest muligt ud af din -, mens du bruger BallerTV.


BallerTV is a live and on-demand streaming service dedicated to youth athletes. Get access to live coverage, unlimited replays, game downloads, athlete mixtapes, game-time notifications, and highlights of 10,000+ high school and college games/events every weekend and view a library of more than 300,000 games streamed per year.

When signing up, you must pick a role: parent, relative/friend, player/athlete, high school/club coach, college coach/scout, or other. You may choose an annual membership or a 3-month option. You cannot purchase only one month of access. All memberships include unlimited replays, highlights, teams and athlete follows, as well as game start notifications.

The “Bronze” plan is recommended for individual users and gives the viewer access to 1 live event and 1 game download per month, but the user cannot create a custom athlete profile.

The “Silver” plan is considered the most popular and is best for families because it gives viewers a custom athlete profile, 3 simultaneous viewers, 3 live events, and 3 game downloads per month.

The “Gold” is mainly used by coaches and scouts with access to unlimited live events, 5 game downloads per month, a custom athlete profile, and 5 simultaneous viewers.

The Quarterly option charges “Bronze” users $14.99 per month, “Silver” users $24.99 per month, and “Gold” users $39.99 per month. The Yearly option is half the price. “Bronze” is $7.99, “Silver” is $12.99, and “Gold” is $19.99.

In 2016, co-founders Rob Angarita and Aaron Hawkey, and EVP Sandeep Hingorani dedicated this streaming service to youth athletes. As fathers and former athletes, they want to ensure that no parent ever misses their child’s game.

Android TV

Android TV er en streaming apparat, der kan bruges til at se On Demand Streaming tjenester.

Kan du streame BallerTV på Android TV?

Sådan tilmelder du og downloader BallerTV på Android TV

Desværre er BallerTV i øjeblikket ikke tilgængelig indbygget med Android TV. BallerTV lancerer muligvis en native app til Android TV i fremtiden, men i øjeblikket kan du kun streame ved hjælp af Google Cast.

Du kan stadig Tilmelde for BallerTV og bruge den på andre enheder, f.eks. -.

Google Cast

  1. Klik her for at tilmelde dig BallerTV.
  2. Installer BallerTV app iPhone/iPad eller app Android Phone/Tablet.
  3. Når den er installeret, skal du logge ind ved hjælp af dine BallerTV legitimationsoplysninger.
  4. Sørg for, at dit streaming apparat er forbundet til det samme Wi-Fi-netværk som din Android Phone/Tablet eller iPhone/iPad.
  5. Start afspilning af indholdet i appen BallerTV, og vælg ikonet Google Cast.
  6. Vælg din Android TV, og den begynder at blive vist på din streaming apparat.

Sådan tilmelder du dig BallerTV på andre streaming -enheder

Hvis du har andre enheder, kan du lære, hvordan du tilmelder dig og bruger BallerTV på -.

Hvilke funktioner er tilgængelige på BallerTV?

Ingen forældrekontrolværktøjer

Der er ingen forældrekontrolværktøjer BallerTV.

Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Paramount Plus og Star har forældrekontrolværktøjer.

Op til 5 enheder

BallerTV tillader at du streamer på op til 5 enheder samtidig.

Offline downloads

BallerTV tillader at du downloader bestemt indhold for at se det uden internet.


There is access to high school and college sports teams ranging from basketball, volleyball, softball, beach volleyball, football (7v7 and regular), soccer, baseball, and lacrosse.

Viewers can stream sports games and events dating back from December 2016 to present day. 48 U.S. states are represented as well as Canada and international countries.

There are 10,000+ high school and college games/events to live stream every weekend and over 300,000 games streamed each year.

There are thousands of organizations to choose from: 23 Elite, 810 Varsity, AAU (Australia, USA Basketball, USA Volleyball), Atlanta Celtics, Brooklyn Youth Sports Club, Connect Sports, Drive Basketball Inc, Elite Sports Events, Future College Prep, MADE Hoops, and so much more.


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