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Sådan ser du Plex på LG Smart TV

Du kan streame Plex på LG Smart TV. Sådan registrerer du, downloader, installerer og starter streaming af Plex ved hjælp af din -. Lær, hvordan du får mest muligt ud af din -, mens du bruger Plex.


Plex is a free streaming service that includes on-demand access to 50,000+ movies and TV shows. The service also offers 300+ free-to-stream live TV channels in 193 countries. Users can also connect Plex to their computers to stream and share any media they have on their hard drives.

The service also offers a universal watchlist - simply add the streaming services you subscribe to and Plex becomes an automatic launch portal for any show or movie. This saves you the trouble of looking up what is streaming where.

Plex offers a subscription tier that offers even more features for people who want more functionality, but it packs a powerful punch even in its free version.

The service offers 11 live local news channels, including outlets in Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Jacksonville, Tulsa, Boston, and Seattle.

Plex even offers a Plex Arcade option where you can play dozens of Atari classics plus your own collection of game ROMs and emulators on your favorite devices.

This is an incredibly flexible platform that’s perfect for fans of any media.

LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV kan bruges til at se On Demand Streaming tjenester.

Kan du streame Plex på LG Smart TV?

Sådan tilmelder du og downloader Plex på LG Smart TV

Plex er tilgængelig indbygget ved hjælp af LG Smart TV. Derudover kan du muligvis streame til din - via Apple AirPlay (2018+ (webOS 4.0+) modeller).

Plex app på LG Smart TV

  1. Gå til startskærmen på din -.
  2. Start appbutikken, og søg efter “Plex” på din -.
  3. Vælg “Download” for at installere appen.
  4. Du kan nu streame Plex på LG Smart TV.

Apple AirPlay

  1. Installer Plex app iPhone/iPad.
  2. Sørg for, at dit Smart TV er forbundet til det samme Wi-Fi-netværk som din iPhone/iPad.
  3. Start afspilning af indholdet i appen Plex, og vælg ikonet AirPlay.
  4. Vælg din LG Smart TV, og den begynder at blive vist på din Smart TV.

Hvis du har et kompatibelt TV, og du ikke kan se AirPlay som en mulighed, skal du sørge for at opdatere til den nyeste LG Smart TV firmware.

Sådan tilmelder du dig Plex på andre streaming -enheder

Hvis du har andre enheder, kan du lære, hvordan du tilmelder dig og bruger Plex på -.

Hvilke funktioner er tilgængelige på Plex?


Plex profiles are free to create. If you share your library with others, you can decide which content is available to which users. Plex Pass users can create subprofiles under their own account so you could further control what the members of your household can access.


Within your own library, Plex allows you to control what media is shared with which users. This feature is incredibly powerful, and you could choose to limit children to a very narrow range of content, slowly increasing their viewing options as they age.

Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Paramount Plus og Star har også forældrekontrolværktøjer.


For free on demand content, you will encounter periodic ad breaks. Ads will not appear if you’re streaming content from your hard drive or from an account that has been shared with you.

Offline downloads

Media can be downloaded to your device if you upgrade to the Plex Pass level.


Plex has many on demand TV shows like “Hannibal,” “Extras,” “The Kids in the Hall,” “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “Kitchen Nightmares,” “ALF,” “Highlander: The Series,” and “The Lone Ranger.”

You’ll also find live channels like Hallmark Movies & More, Kidoodle TV, Dove Channel, AMC Thrillers, BBC Food, IFC Films Picks, Midnight Pulp, Revry, and AccuWeather Now. There’s even a karaoke channel.

The service also includes local news from network affiliates in markets like Atlanta, Boston, Memphis, Tulsa, and Seattle.


Plex offers a rotating library of free films like “Spawn,” “Timecop,” “Let the Right One In,” “The Road,” “Hostel,” “The Passion of the Christ,” and “Hoop Dreams”


Kids may enjoy “The Smurfs,” “Popeye the Sailor,” “Sonic X,” “Danger Mouse,” or “Lil’ Monsters.”

If you’ve made any digital purchases of any children’s shows or films on your computer, you can also watch and share those through Plex.


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