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How to Install fuboTV on Apple TV (with pictures)

It is easy to add fuboTV to Apple TV. fuboTV is a live TV streaming service with about 90 channels for $64,99 / mes. This plan includes local channels, 30 of the top 35 cable channels, and regional sports networks (RSNs).

Simply follow these steps to get started!

Step-by-step Guide to Add fuboTV to Apple TV

  1. Sign up for fuboTV. You will need to have an account first. Simply click this link to get started with your free trial:
  1. You will see this screen. Click the orange button in the upper right corner that says “Start Free Trial.”
  1. Create your account. Enter your information in these fields and then click “Continue.”
  1. Select your plan and click the button below it to proceed.
  1. Choose anything you’d like to add on, like sports channels or an enhanced DVR. When finished, click the orange button that says “Continue to Last Step.”
  1. Add your billing information. Fill out each field and select “Start Watching fuboTV.”
  1. Start your Apple TV and click on the blue app store logo here:
  1. Move your cursor to the “Search” icon here:
  1. Start typing “fuboTV” or you can hold the microphone button on your remote to dictate the search. As soon as we type the letter F, it appears. Click the fuboTV icon.
  1. When you see this screen, click “Get.”
  1. Apple TV will ask you to confirm you want to download the app. Click “Get” again and the app will download.
  1. The old “Get” button has changed to “Open.” Click that.
  1. fuboTV opens and asks you to sign in. Click that button.
  1. You will see a temporary code appear. Go to on your desktop or mobile device and enter that number.
  1. You will be asked which profile you’d like to access. You can simply click “My Profile” to get started.
  1. fuboTV will ask you to select your favorite channels. Choose as many as you like.
  1. fuboTV will ask you to select some shows to record. Choose any you like. You can add or delete them later.
  1. Congratulations! Your profile is active and you’re ready to start watching.

If you’re struggling to find the standard $64,99 / mes plan, we have a guide on how to find it here.