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How to Search the Netflix Halloween Category Listing

Michael King

It’s now Halloween week, the time when the moon’s eye looks down, fall’s winds blow through the leaves, and the sounds of a crackling warm fire can be heard through the woods and the plains. It’s also the time when scary movies can be found on streaming services like Netflix. But how can you make that search easier?

Thanks to What's On Netflix, the category codes that viewers can use to delve deep into the inner sanctum of the thousands of titles in the Netflix library are now available for everyone to use.

How to Use These Codes

To use the category codes, you’ll need to open your web browser and paste the category number below after the last slash in this URL:

So “Monster Movies” would be

“Zombie Movies” would be

Primary Horror / Halloween Category Lists

These are broad Halloween and horror-based category lists that viewers can start with in order to get a general look at fun creature features. These lists will satisfy many viewers’ tastes right off the bat.

  • Halloween Favorites (mixture of movies and TV shows) – 108663 / 81336575
  • Family Halloween Treats (Halloween content suited for younger audiences) – 81346195
  • Halloween Comedies – 81510605
  • Horror Anime – 10695
  • Horror Films – 8711
  • Horror Series – 83059
  • Teen Screams – 52147
  • Scary Films – 6057
  • Sci-Fi Horror – 1694
  • Zombie Horror Films – 75405

Other Halloween Netflix Category Codes

Consider this part of the listing to be the “Vault of Horror.” The lists here are far more in-depth and come up with deeper dives into the available titles out there. If you want a refined list of frights, this is the place for you.

  • B-Horror Films – 8195
  • British Horror Movies – 4991
  • Campy Horror Movies – 1155
  • Creature Features – 6895
  • Critically-acclaimed Horror Movies – 3721
  • Dark Fantasy Anime – 2691049
  • Dark Fantasy TV Shows – 81238385
  • Dark Films – 9280
  • Dark TV Horror – 83161
  • Experimental Horror Movies – 2626
  • Filipino Horror Movies – 2010
  • Foreign Horror Movies – 8654
  • German Horror Movies – 4021
  • Goofy Horror Movies – 4021
  • High Brow Horror – 3261672
  • Horror Comedy – 89585
  • Horror Films Based on Books – 1751
  • Horror Reimagined – 81336549
  • Independent Psychological Horror Movies – 3880
  • Irreverent Horror Movies – 3642
  • Modern Horror Classics – 81336552
  • Monster Movies – 947
  • Psychological Horror Movies – 4809
  • Quirky Horror Movies – 729
  • Revenge Films – 14903
  • Slasher and Serial Killer Films – 8646
  • Small Town Scares – 51496215
  • Steamy Horror Movies – 1358
  • Supernatural Horror Movies – 42023
  • Survival Horror – 2939659
  • This Place is Evil (lots of haunted houses or locations in this category) – 81476889
  • Vampire Horror Movies – 75804
  • Werewolf Horror Movies – 75930
  • Zombie Horror Movies – 75405

All of these should satisfy any frightly desires for the week leading up to All Hallows Eve, and beyond. Pleasant screams, movie fans.

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