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Hulu Announces 800K Hulu Live TV Subscribers

This afternoon on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” — Hulu CEO, Randy Freer, announced that after a strong April and May, the service now has over 800,00 subscribers of Hulu Live TV.

In what separates Hulu’s Live TV product versus other companies like DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, and YouTube TV — Freer stated:

“What people lose sight of for us, in the $39.99 package, you get live tv plus you get the entire Hulu on-demand service, so that’s 75,000 episodes of television, it’s original programming, it’s short form, it’s all of the things that people love. It’s current television. So when you look at that package, and we do a better job of really promoting and really getting it out there, i think we’re going to see that tick up and we’ll do great against others in the marketplace.” - Randy Freer, Hulu CEO

Part of Hulu’s growth the last few months, has been their attractive promotion to add HBO to your Hulu subscription for only $5. The promotion ends tonight.

Here is our full review of Hulu Live TV, including their May 2018 mobile updates.

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