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Why Do Originals Leave Streaming Services? How is ‘Hemlock Grove’ Different than HBO Max Removals?

Stephen Silver

It’s not every day that a Netflix original series is removed from the service, but it sounds like that’s about to happen to a show that was one of the first to arrive after the streamer launched its originals nearly a decade ago.

“Hemlock Grove,” the horror series from filmmaker Eli Roth and Brian McGreevy that debuted on Netflix in 2013 is set to leave the service on Oct. 22. But if the series, which ran for three seasons, is a Nextflix Original, why is it leaving the service?

Despite the “Netflix Original: moniker, “Hemlock Grove” was actually produced by an outside studio, Gaumont International Television. According to What's On Netflix, the streaming service had an agreement with Gaumont to stream the series for a certain period of time, likely seven years after the third season premiered on the service, which was Oct. 23, 2015. Therefore, the streaming giant’s agreement with the show’s producers is about to expire. There has been no word as to where (or if) “Hemlock Grove” will be available to stream after departing its original home, but Gaumont is free to negotiate a new deal for the series with any free or subscription streamer that it would like, including Netflix.

Hemlock Grove

2013 M04 19

Uno no puede saciar su sed devoradora. El otro no puede domar la bestia arañando su salida. En el sueño del pueblo de Pennsylvania de Hemlock Grove, dos jóvenes luchan para aceptar verdades dolorosas: sobre la familia, ellos mismos, el misterio de la Torre Blanca - y una nueva amenaza aterradora tan poderosa que se conviertan de depredadores en presa.

Though not billed as a Netflix Original, the CBS hit procedural “Criminal Minds” had long been one of the most popular series on the streaming service. However, Netflix’s license to stream the show expired at the end of June, leading to the series exiting the platform. However, less than two months later, the service inked a deal for the show's return. Whether a similar reversal is in the cards for “Hemlock Grove” is yet to be seen, but it is possible.

Also this year, HBO Max removed an increasing number of original series and movies from its service, including many animated shows. Among them was “An American Pickle,” which in 2020 was the first original movie to debut on HBO Max after its launch. The service also axed more than 200 episodes of “Sesame Street.” The venerated children’s educational program moved to HBO in 2016 and has been a part of HBO Max since its launch in 2020.

The reason for those axings, however, are very different than what transpired between Netflix and “Hemlock Grove.” HBO Max is under new management after WarnerMedia was sold to Discovery to create Warner Bros. Discovery. The recent content removals are part of the new entity’s aggressive cost-cutting strategy in hopes of reducing the unified company’s budget by $3 billion. Reportedly, HBO Max has dropped numerous Max Original series in an effort to avoid paying out royalties and into insurance as part of back-end deals.

Netflix remains Netflix, an independent entity that has never been sold. While we’re not privy to any talks that took place between Netflix and Gaumont International Television, there’s no indication that Netflix dropped the show to save money. With all that Netflix spends on content, the cash that it would take to keep a nearly decade-old horror series on the service was likely a pittance.

And while Netflix has cut costs this year, after it lost subscribers in the first quarter, a report indicated that the company wasn’t planning to pull back on its content spending. And the extensive media coverage this year of Netflix’s financial position has not included speculation that the company could save money by dropping older original series from its library.

Whatever the reason, anytime a service loses content — especially when those titles were considered in-house originals — that can be confusing and frustrating to consumers who often sign up for services on the strength of their libraries. However, as streaming continues to evolve, and more long-term deals begin to expire, keeping up with where your favorite shows and movies are streaming is likely to get more and more difficult.

  • Netflix

    Netflix is a subscription video streaming service that includes on-demand access to 3,000+ movies, 2,000+ TV Shows, and Netflix Originals like Stranger Things, Squid Game, The Crown, Tiger King, and Bridgerton. They are constantly adding new shows and movies. Some of their Academy Award-winning exclusives include Roma, Marriage Story, Mank, and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

    Netflix offers four plans — on 1 device in SD with their “Basic with Ads” (US$ 6.99) plan, on 1 device in SD with their “Basic” (US$ 9.99) plan, on 2 devices in HD with their “Standard” (US$ 15.49) plan, and 4 devices in up to 4K on their “Premium” (US$ 19.99) plan.

    Netflix spends more money on content than any other streaming service meaning that you get more value for the monthly fee.

  • HBO Max

    HBO Max es un servicio de transmisión de video por suscripción que brinda acceso a la biblioteca completa de HBO, junto con Max Originals exclusivos, y acceso a todas las películas de Warner Bros. en HBO Max poco después de que estén en los cines.

    HBO Max HBO Max tiene dos planes: un plan móvil “Mobile” (US$ 3.99 / mes), que está diseñado para un solo usuario en su dispositivo móvil, así como un plan familiar “Multitelas” (US$ 5.99 / mes) ofrece a las familias acceso a 3 usuarios simultáneos.

    Los suscriptores tendrán acceso a series exitosas de HBO como Succession, Sex and The City, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, y mas.

    Todos los suscriptores de HBO Max obtendrán las bibliotecas completas de programas como “Friends”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “South Park”, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “The West Wing”, y mas.

    Los suscriptores de HBO Max obtendrán Max Originals adicionales que incluyen Love Life, Raised By Wolves, Dune: The Sisterhood , Tokyo Vice , The Flight Attendant , Gremlins , Legendary, Craftopia, los nuevos dibujos animados de Looney Tunes, y The Not Too Late Show with Elmo de Sesame Workshop.


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