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Comcast Launches Eye-Control, So Those With Physical Disabilities Can Control TV

Jason Gurwin

Comcast has launched innovative new feature to help those physical disabilities like spinal cord injuries or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) navigate their television using only their eyes.

Xfinity X1 eye control is a web-based remote for tablets and computers that pairs with an existing eye gaze system and allows viewers to change the channel, set a recording, search for a show and more, all with a glance. X1 eye control is free and uses a web page remote control that works seamlessly with existing eye gaze hardware and software, Sip-and-Puff switches and other assistive technologies.

“Changing the channel on a TV is something most of us take for granted but until now, it was a near-impossible task for millions of viewers,” said Tom Wlodkowski, Vice President Accessibility at Comcast. “When you make a product more inclusive you create a better experience for everyone and we’re hoping our new X1 feature makes a real difference in the lives of our customers.”

Some Features Include:
  • Change the channel
  • Launch the guide
  • Search for content
  • Set a recording
  • Turn on the X1 Sports App for real-time scores
  • Access X1’s Accessibility menu
  • Use their gaze to type out voice commands

To make X1 eye control work, Xfinity customers visit and use their credentials to pair the web-based remote with their set-top-box. From that point forward, each time the customer gazes at a button, the web-based remote sends the corresponding command to the television.

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