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New BBC Technology Could Solve Stream Delay

One of the annoying aspects of streaming video—especially for live events—is that it lags behind cable and satellite TV.

In our testing, most streaming services are 20-60 seconds behind the live cable or satellite broadcast.

Many soccer fans noticed this during the World Cup, hearing their neighbors scream—before a goal would appear on their stream.

That may change. BBC’s Research & Development arm believes it has developed a technology to get rid of the delay entirely. They shared they have found ways to create “smaller segments that can be passed through the system more quickly.”

The technology would be able to be deployed on existing hardware with a software update.

The company will share the technology at the International Broadcasting Convention in Netherlands, but it will still be a bit of time before it will be released publicly.

Their hope is that by the next World Cup, the stream delay will be a thing of the past.