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PlayStation 5 Will Launch For Holiday Season 2020, Will Be Most Powerful Streaming Device Ever

Jason Gurwin

Sony confirmed today that the next-gen PlayStation console will, unsurprisingly, be called the PlayStation 5 (PS5). The device, which Sony says will launch in time for the 2020 holiday season, is a beast. While it will come with a top-of-the line eight-core processor and graphics chip, most notably for streamers it will come a SSD hard drive and support for up to 8K video.

With the addition of SSD, everything should just feel snappier. In their tests, high-end games that used to load in 15 seconds — took under a second. But what the SSD enables, according to Wired, is the ability to join multi-player game service in real time. By enabling more real-time information, they will be revamping the interface for the PS5, so you can quickly jump to exactly what you’re look for — which may be enhanced by a rumored voice interface.

That means all your favorite streaming apps should be easier to find, launch, and perform that much faster. While there are few 8K TVs on the market, which the PS5 will support, many were announced at CES in January that should roll-out (at a hefty price) by the time the PS5 is released next year. Also, included is support for 3D audio which is like Dolby Atmos, but without the need for external hardware.

One major enhancement to the PS5 is a brand-new controller. According to Sony, the first major innovation is the addition of haptic feedback in the place of “rumble” technology.” Haptic feedback allows for a wider range of vibration, meaning that different games or actions will result in different feelings.

The second major innovation is the addition of adpative trigger buttons (L2/R2). Currently, when you press those buttons — an action takes place. Now, those buttons will reflect the resistance you place on the triggers — meaning that in a car game, the harder you press, the more you would accelerate.

While Sony hopes that PS5 will bring gaming to the next-generation, the power of the device will open a whole new level of opportunities for streaming apps — through interactivity, higher quality video, speed, performance, and more customized interfaces.

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