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Pluto TV Adds 3 New Channels, Including Drew Barrymore Show Highlights and BBC Kids

Jeff Kotuby

Three more channels arrived on Pluto TV’s free, ad-supported streaming content platform — “Best of The Drew Barrymore Show,” “Acapulco Shore,” and “BBC Kids.” You can currently find all three stations under Pluto TV’s “Featured” block, as well as in the Entertainment (Barrymore), En Español (Acapulco Shore), and Kids sections (BBC Kids).

On Channel 156, the Best of The Drew Barrymore Show brings a 24/7 stream of host Drew Barrymore’s daytime talk show, bringing information, inspiration, and entertainment to her audience. The show launched in 2020 on CBS, the company that owns Pluto TV.

The Drew Barrymore Show

September 14, 2020

Drew Barrymore presents human-interest stories, celebrity guests, lifestyle segments and field pieces, all driven by her infectious brand of humor and optimism.

On Channel 952, you can check out “Acapulco Shore,” the Jersey Shore spinoff that follows 8 contestants’ experiences of life in Acapulco. The party, the hook-ups, the madness, and the “desmadre” don’t stop in Acapulco Shore. Follow the cast of out-of-control Mexicans in their twenties through all the wildest and most inappropriate moments in Hispanic television. Don’t miss a minute with the craziest vacationers in history! Acapulco Shore is waiting on you to carry on with the party!

Acapulco Shore

September 27, 2014

Acapulco Shore es un programa de telerrealidad mexicano que se transmite actualmente por la cadena MTV Latinoamérica, el cual sigue la vida cotidiana de ocho jóvenes que pasan el verano viviendo juntos en el puerto de Acapulco. Es la adaptación mexicana del programa de telerrealidad estadounidense Jersey Shore.

Lastly, Channel 985 - BBC Kids brings entertaining, energetic, and clever content that kids will love and parents can trust. The programming mix spans ages 1 through 12, so kids of all ages can have something fun to watch. Shows such as “Dinopaws” and “Sarah & Duck” combine colorful animation with stimulating storytelling and charming characters, enabling preschoolers to explore the world they live in for the first time and discover exciting new experiences, objects, places, and feelings every day. Older children will enjoy the popular dance drama “The Next Step” and “MI High,” the teenage spy series that proves it can be quite tricky to balance homework with a job as a secret agent.

  • Dinopaws

    February 17, 2014

    An animation about three young dinosaurs exploring their unusual world.

  • Sarah & Duck

    February 18, 2013
  • M.I. High

    January 8, 2007

    M.I. High is a BBC children’s spy-fi adventure series. It was produced for the BBC by the independent production company Kudos, who also produced the hit BBC spy drama Spooks. It follows in the success of the Young Bond and the Alex Rider series of books and films. M.I. High is recorded in high definition and is shown on the CBBC Channel and CBBC Outputs on BBC One and BBC Two. M.I. High is also shown on the BBC HD Channel. Repeats also frequently air in Australia on ABC3. As of October 2012 the series has began airing on the UKTV channel Watch.

  • El siguiente paso

    March 8, 2013

    Siga las vidas de un grupo de bailarines de élite en el siguiente paso  - Estudio de baile mientras se entrenan duro, ensayar y pasar el rato. Con los campeonatos regionales que sube necesita unirse si quieren ganar y calificarse para el título nacional. PepeCine (.com)

The move comes just a month after they added six new channels spanning multiple different genres, including sports, music, Black culture, and more. Currently, Pluto TV offers over 250 live TV channels as well as thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free live TV streaming service that provides more than 250 channels of live TV and thousands of on demand movies and TV shows.

Most of what you’ll find on Pluto TV qualifies as “background television.” It’s fine to keep on while you’re scrolling on your phone or cooking something in the kitchen.

Because these aren’t traditional live TV channels, it’s not a great option for live events, news, or sports, but it’s a solid choice for cord cutters who want to supplement their other services with some “comfort food” TV. You’ll find channels dedicated to “Star Trek,” “CSI,” “Jersey Shore,” “Survivor,” and “The Amazing Race.”

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