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Roku Removes Linear OTT Channels From Roku TV Grid Guide After Customer Complaints

Jason Gurwin

Earlier this week, Roku pushed an update for Roku TV users that included their linear OTT channels (their Pluto TV-like experience) alongside over-the-air content in a universal grid guide.

However, it came with one issue. There was no way to disable it.

This meant that if you primarily used your Roku TV to watch OTA channels, it was not intermingled with over 100 streaming channels you may or may not have wanted. Fortunately, Roku has heard user complaints on social media loud and clear and rolled back the update. You can still access the linear streaming channels via The Roku Channel’s Live TV Guide.

In a statement to The Streamable, the company says:

We recently removed a feature which integrated streaming and over-the-air (OTA) content from an HD antenna into a combined live TV channel guide for Roku TV users. While we believe that the new feature is well-received by the vast majority of Roku users, we’ve also seen feedback from some users who did not want OTT channels included in their OTA channel list.

Given Roku’s commitment to exceptional user experience, we have decided to roll back the inclusion of OTT channels in OTA live TV channel guide. Roku TV users will now see only OTA channels when selecting the “Live TV” tile on the Roku home screen. Roku TV users who would like to see streaming content within the live TV channel guide can do so through the “live TV channel guide” tile on The Roku Channel.

At the same time, they also added a feature where you could access premium linear channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ, and EPIX directly in the guide. This joins 100+ free linear streaming channels like ABC News Live, BUZZR, beIN SPORTS Xtra, Ameba, and more.

Once you select a linear channel, you can quickly channel surf between them, as well as bring up an on-screen overly to see what is currently airing.

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