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Always: Sunset on Third Street Collection Online Streaming Guide

Always: Sunset on Third Street (ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日 Ōruweizu: San-chōme no Yūhi) is a 2005 Japanese film co-written and directed by the Japanese filmmaker Takashi Yamazaki, based on Ryōhei Saigan’s long-running manga Sanchōme no Yūhi. The plot takes place in a small community in post-war Tokyo, and follows some of the residents over one year as Tokyo Tower is being built. Norifumi Suzuki runs a small auto repair shop, where he lives with his wife and son. A young girl from Aomori prefecture, comes to live with them and work as Suzuki’s apprentice. Ryūnosuke Chagawa lives across the street and runs a small shop out of his house. He writes serial novels called “Shōnen Bōken-dan” (“The Young Boys Adventure Club”). Despite the difficulties in the characters’ lives, the film has many light-hearted moments; a nostalgia for post-war Japanese “good old days”.

  • Always san-chôme

    11 de noviembre de 2005

    Dejando su hogar de provincias, la adolescente Mutsuko llega a Tokyo en tren para trabajar en una importante compañía de automóviles, pero se encuentra con que es contratada en un pequeño taller regentado por Norifumi Suzuki. El temperamento irritable de Suzuki se mantiene más o menos controlado por los instintos maternales de su esposa, Tomoe, y su joven hijo Ippei crea un vínculo inmediato con Mutsuko como si fuera su hermana mayor. El taller Suzuki está prácticamente a la sombra de la Torre Tokyo según se va levantando sobre el horizonte durante su construcción en 1958.

  • Always - Sunset on Third Street 2

    3 de noviembre de 2007

    Would-be writer Ryunosuke Chagawa is still living across the street from Norifumi Suzuki and his auto repair shop, though now he shares his home with Junnosuke, an orphan he’s taken under his wing at the urging of pretty Hiroi, who continues to manage a nearby tavern. Chagawa dreams of publishing a successful novel and settling down with Hiroi and Junnosuke, but his day job running the candy store keeps him busy, and Hiroi mistakes his tight schedule for a lack of interest in her. Hiroi has also embarked on a secret career as a burlesque dancer, which isn’t doing much to improve her opinion of men. At the Suzuki household, seven-year-old Ippei isn’t happy to be sharing the house with a guest, his distant cousin Mika who is the same age but far more demanding. Mutsuko, the apprentice female auto mechanic, is still staying with the Suzukis, and she’s becomes the object of the affections of Takeo, a downbeat young man who is studying cooking.

  • Always - Sunset on Third Street 3

    21 de enero de 2012

    The Tokyo Olympics are about to open, and Rynosuke Chagawa is excited to receive a new TV set to watch the upcoming events. His wife Hiromi is pregnant and he has built a second level on his shop to provide his adopted son Junnosuke with a private space to study for entrance to Tokyo University to set up a career with a major company. He dreams of sparing Junnosuke the struggles that he has faced as a writer. The family continues to rely upon Hiromi’s income from her bar. Meanwhile a rival story, The Virus, by a new writer has appeared in the periodical that has been publishing his stories “Boy’s Adventure Book” and he fears the new competition. Norifumi Suzuki also receives a new TV, but more of a deluxe model. Mutsuko Hoshino (Roku) is still the principal mechanic in the Suzuki family’s auto repair shop, but she dresses up some mornings to go to a nearby street with the hope of a “chance” meeting with Dr…

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