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Pluto TV Adds Three Kids Channels Including ‘Garfield and Friends’

Michael King

America’s favorite lasagna-eating cat has come to Pluto TV along with two other new channels for kids.

On the Garfield and Friends channel, kids will be introduced to the famous and lovable animated cat who simply wants to sleep, eat, and watch TV.

In addition, kids will be able to learn new fun facts and lean into their curiosities with the Find Out Why channel. And, on the Team Spirit channel, they’ll defeat villains, realizing that superpowers aren’t always needed to go on awesome adventures.

The new channels and programming include:

  • Garfield and Friends: This classic follows Garfield, a lazy feline whose only desires in life are lasagna, catnaps, and avoiding Mondays. Along with his not-too-bright pooch pal, Odie, and gullible owner, Jon, Garfield coughs up a hairball of humor that every human will love.

  • Find Out Why: Why is the sky blue? How do airplanes fly? On Find Out Why, you will learn how stuff works, why animals are the way they are and so much more! (Shows include - Best Parks Ever, Finding Stuff Out, DIY Sci, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures)

  • Team Spirit: Defeat villains, find your strength, and go on unforgettable adventures because powers or not, having team spirit comes from the heart! (Shows include - Kid vs. Kat, Di-Gata Defenders, Jacob Two-Two Series, Jimmy Two Shoes, Camp Lakebottom)

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free live TV streaming service that provides more than 250 channels of live TV and thousands of on demand movies and TV shows.

Most of what you’ll find on Pluto TV qualifies as “background television.” It’s fine to keep on while you’re scrolling on your phone or cooking something in the kitchen.

Because these aren’t traditional live TV channels, it’s not a great option for live events, news, or sports, but it’s a solid choice for cord cutters who want to supplement their other services with some “comfort food” TV.

With Pluto TV, content is curated into channels, making it easier for viewers to find exactly what they would like to watch. Pluto TV has recently added several new channels to its lineup, including The Andy Griffith Show, Matlock, Gunsmoke, Britbox Mysteries, Pluto TV Game Shows, and Lupin the 3rd

Pluto TV has seen tremendous growth already in 2021. At the end of Q2 2021, Pluto TV reached 52 million monthly active users globally, up from 50 million in Q1. In Q4 2020, Pluto TV had 30.1 million monthly active users in the U.S.

According to recent studies, consumers’ interest in ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) services is growing. AVOD services are now used in six out of 10 homes. Free AVOD revenue is expected to nearly double by 2023.