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What Devices Can I Use to Stream HBO Max?

Chris Hutton

With the arrival of HBO Max, users now have access to an assortment of programming options, HBO originals and classic movies for their enjoyment. Whether it’s finally getting caught up on “Westworld” or watching “Casablanca,” there are a variety of options to choose from.

But this all presumes software compatibility across your devices. With any new streaming service, it’s not always entirely clear if it will be available automatically on your favorite streaming device. So here is The Streamable’s guide on which devices are compatible with HBO Max as of launch day.

Apple Devices

  • Almost all Apple devices will have the ability to download the HBO Max app on release day. As long as the device is able to stream video, they will have access. This includes iPhones, iPad, iPod Touches, Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. If users still owns an Apple TV from the second or third generation, then they will have to rely on Airplay, since those models will not receive access to the software.

Android Devices

  • Any device that operates with the Android Operating system will have the ability to download the HBO Max App on day one.

Google Platforms

  • Chromebooks and Chromecasts will also receive immediate support for HBO Max.

Gaming Platforms

  • Both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One download stores will have the ability to download the HBO Max app through their digital stores.

Samsung Televisions

  • Select Samsung Televisions (specifically those purchased between 2016 and 2020) will have the option to download the app directly.


  • HBO Max can be watched on computers and laptops with a Web browser.

HBO Max Unavailable for Amazon Fire TV and Roku at Launch

  • It’s important to note that HBO Max isn’t available for Amazon Fire TV and Roku’s streaming devices as of launch day, and it’s unclear when this will change. The two platforms make up nearly 80 million active streamers, which will leave many in a lurch.

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