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Andy Hardy Collection Online Streaming Guide

Film series centering on the Hardy family.

  • A Family Affair

    12 mars 1937

    Judge Hardy faces problems at work and at home. Powerful men in town are upset with his decisions and want to see him impeached; his daughters, Joan and Marion, have romantic problems; and his son, Andy discovers Polly Benedict. As usual, Judge Hardy is concerned with everyone in the family and lends wisdom and calmness to all.

  • You're Only Young Once

    10 décembre 1937

    Andy Hardy and his sister find romance during a family vacation in Catalina.

  • Judge Hardy's Children

    26 mars 1938

    Judge Hardy takes a business trip to Washington, DC, where Andy promptly falls for the French ambassador’s daughter.

  • L'Amour Frappe André Hardy

    22 juillet 1938

    Tandis que madame Hardy part rejoindre sa mère malade, Andy se met dans une sale situation. Il achète une voiture qu’il ne peut payer et se retrouve à devoir sortir deux filles le soir du réveillon. Heureusement une voisine lui viendra en aide.

  • Out West with the Hardys

    25 novembre 1938

    Judge Hardy goes to his friend’s Arizona ranch to help her in a legal dispute, and he takes his family with him.

  • The Hardys Ride High

    21 avril 1939

    Sixth of the Judge Hardy series. Judge James K. Hardy is brought the fabulous news from attorney George Irving, that he could be the heir to 2 million dollars. In order to claim the inheritance, he and his family must leave for Detroit. The disinherited heir Philip ‘Phil’ Westcott, adopted son of the deceased relative, has to leave the fabulous mansion Detroit. But the playboy Phil ain’t going down without a fight. He decides on a charm offensive. First with Polly Benedict and foremost Andrew ‘Andy’ Hardy, the son of Judge Hardy.

  • Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever

    21 juillet 1939

    Young Andy develops a crush on his drama teacher. When his play is chosen as the school’s annual production, Andy seizes the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with his pretty teacher. Meanwhile, Judge Hardy has his own problems when he gets conned into forming a phony aluminum corporation.

  • Judge Hardy and Son

    22 décembre 1939

    Judge Hardy guides Andy through problems with girls, money and an essay contest.

  • André Hardy va dans le monde

    5 juillet 1940

    Le déménagement de toute la famille Hardy permet à l’un de ses membres de rencontrer ce qu’il croit être l’amour de sa vie.

  • Andy Hardy's Private Secretary

    21 février 1941

    All set to graduate from high school , Andy Hardy flunks his English exam — in spite of the fact that Aunt Milly is his teacher, and that the Judge has gone to all the trouble of getting him his very own private secretary.

  • La vie commence pour André Hardy

    15 août 1941

    Son diplôme en poche, André Hardy rêve de faire fortune New York. Mais la vie est dure dans la mégapole…

  • The Courtship of Andy Hardy

    3 mars 1942

    While Judge Hardy handles a couple’s divorce, Andy takes a shine to their shy daughter.

  • Andy Hardy's Double Life

    1 décembre 1942

    Andy is about to head off to college but he’s got a few things to take care of before leaving. For starters, he must try and sell his junk car for $20 to pay for a bill and he must convince his father not to go with him to college. Worst of all is that Polly wants to make up but her best friend decides to give Andy a test.

  • Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble

    4 mai 1944

    Andy is going to Wainwright College as did his father. He sees a pretty blonde on the train and he is alternately winked at or slapped every time he sees her. Andy is clueless. On the train Andy meets Kay and Dr. Standish who are both headed for Wainwright. Andy likes Kay, but Dr. Standish also seems to take an interest in her. Things are going well at College with Kay, but the blonde is nice one minute and ignores Andy the next. When Andy finds out that the blonde is really identical twins, he tries to help them out with their father but gets caught at their rooming house after midnight.

  • Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

    25 décembre 1946

    Andy Hardy va à l’université après avoir servi dans la guerre et trouve que sa chérie est fiancée à quelqu’un d’autre.

  • Andy Hardy Comes Home

    22 décembre 1958

    Andy Hardy, now a grown man with a wife and children, returns to his hometown on a business trip and finds himself getting mixed up in local politics.

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