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Report: DIRECTV NOW Could Ultimately Merge with Upcoming WarnerMedia Streaming Service

Jason Gurwin

This week there has been more clarity on what to expect from WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service. Yesterday, we learned that the company has ditched their plans for a three-tier service, and instead focus on a single $16-17 plan which bundles HBO, Cinemax, and Warner Bros. library of shows and movies.

According to a report in CNBC, the company could eventually merge their Live TV Streaming Service, DIRECTV NOW, under the same streaming umbrella. The service could first see live programming from Turner-owned channels like TNT, TBS, and CNN (similar to AT&T WatchTV), while the company “eventually plans to merge its DirecTV Now service with its WarnerMedia streaming service.”

While a bundle with live TV would be more expensive than the $15-18 entry level price, the WarnerMedia streaming service is already expected to be more expensive than Netflix ($12.99), Hulu with No Ads ($11.99), Prime Video ($8.99), and Disney+ ($6.99). The company will preview the service in September/October which AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson described last month as “a detailed look at the product, and that includes the breadth of new and existing content.”