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Sling TV Launches Co-Viewing Experience On Oculus Go, So You Can Binge With Your Friends

Jason Gurwin

Sling TV announced today a new beta featured called “co-viewing” for Oculus Go Devices. Sling TV customers using an Oculus Go virtual reality headset can now co-watch TV with others—no matter the distance between them.

To get started, Sling TV customers can turn on their Oculus Go headset and choose to form a party and invite other Oculus users into their experience. From the Oculus TV app, the host can then select Sling TV where they can stream all their subscribed live and on demand content.

Not only will users see the avatars of their co-viewers, but are also able to speak to each other as they watch their favorite shows. The feature works with up to four users and all must be subscribed to the content in order to view. Co-watching on Sling TV will not be available for movie rentals, DVR recordings, or “Continue Watching” content.