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Haystack News Adds Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg’s Quicktake To Service

Jeff Kotuby

Haystack News, a free streaming service that lets viewers watch news from nearly 350 local, national and world TV news channels, is expanding to add Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Quicktake to its recently launched portfolio of live viewing options.

Haystack News now features 18 live streaming channels with the additions. Bloomberg TV combines Bloomberg data and business and finance programming, while Bloomberg Quicktake is a more traditional news network.

This further addition comes just months after Haystack added ABC News Live, CBSN, Al Jazeera, Euronews, Newsmax, Yahoo Finance, and other, select live local news broadcast stations across the U.S. In June, Haystack News said they saw record growth over the course of the last year, adding between two and three million new users. Definitive total numbers were not shared, although it is believed the numbers are still under 10 million.

Haystack News showcases a large portfolio of local, national and global news, offering curated and personalized stories from nearly 350 news providers, including more than 300 local broadcast channels and all of the top 30 DMAs.

“Demand for news in the United States remains high and Haystack News leads by offering innovation, flexibility and choice. We are very pleased to expand Haystack’s long-standing partnership with Bloomberg Media by launching the flagship Bloomberg network and Bloomberg Quicktake,” said Daniel Barreto, Co-Founder and CEO of Haystack TV. “Our audience and watch-time growth continues to break records and the addition of Bloomberg’s high-quality, award-winning live business and global news further fortifies our content offerings.”

Haystack TV is available for free on major streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, as well as iOS, Android, and Web at The service is also available on both Sony and VIZIO Smart TVs.

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