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Top U.S. Streaming Services Expected to Add Almost 100 Million New Subscriptions By 2025

Fern Siegel

The number of SVOD subscribers in the U.S. is forecast to see a healthy uptick. Digital TV Research predicts it will rise from 203 million in 2019 to 317 million in 2025.

The growth will be led by new streamers, such as Disney+ (+27 million) and Hulu (+22 million), as well as Peacock (+11 million), HBO Max (+12 million) and CBS All Access/Paramount+ (+12.2 million), which will each add more subscribers than Netflix.

These six platforms will add 94 million SVOD subs over the next five years.

Netflix is estimated to gain 10 million subs in the next five years, bring them to 71 million in the U.S. Amazon Prime will see a spike of 6.5 million, per the researcher, giving them nearly 60 million in total.

โ€œThe depth of choice in the U.S. will not be replicated in any other country,โ€ said Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research. โ€œEight U.S. platforms will have more than 10 million paying subs by 2025. Disney+ will just overtake Hulu by 2025.”

In addition, global IPTV subscriptions rose from 258 million in 2018 to 307 million in 2019, reports Digital TV Research. Western Europe is expected to gain more than 100 million SVOD subscribers by 2025.