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Android TV에서 Tubi을(를) 시청하는 방법

Android TV에서 Tubi을(를) 스트리밍할 수 있습니다. Android TV를 사용하여 가입, 다운로드, 설치 및 Tubi 스트리밍을 시작하는 방법은 다음과 같습니다. Tubi를 사용하는 동안 Android TV를 최대한 활용하는 방법을 알아보세요.


Tubi is a free video streaming service that includes on-demand access to 45,000+ movies and television shows - more than any other streaming service. Its ad breaks are shorter and less frequent than most free services. Fox executives have called their service “TV on steroids.”

The service includes 55+ live news channels affiliated with NBC, FOX, Cox Media Group, Hearst, and Scripps. Local affiliates provide coverage in most major media markets.

Tubi’s programming includes films and television series from Fox Entertainment, MGM, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal, Disney, and more.

Android TV

Android TV주문형 스트리밍 서비스를 시청하는 데 사용할 수 있는 스트리밍 장치입니다.

Tubi을(를) 스트리밍할 수 있습니까?

Android TV에서 Tubi 가입 및 다운로드 방법

Tubi는 Android TV를 사용하여 기본적으로 사용할 수 있습니다. 또한 Google Cast를 통해 Android TV로 스트리밍할 수도 있습니다.

Android TV의 Tubi 앱

  1. Android TV의 홈 화면으로 이동합니다.
  2. 앱 스토어를 실행하고 Android TV에서 “Tubi”를 검색하세요. 또는 여기를 클릭를 눌러 앱을 설치하세요.
  3. 다운로드”을 선택하여 앱을 설치하세요.
  4. 이제 Android TV에서 Tubi(을)를 스트리밍할 수 있습니다.

Google Cast

  1. Tubi iPhone/iPad 앱 또는 Android Phone/Tablet 앱을(를) 설치합니다.
  2. 스트리밍 장치가 Android Phone/Tablet 또는 iPhone/iPad와 동일한 Wi-Fi 네트워크에 연결되어 있는지 확인하세요.
  3. Tubi 앱에서 콘텐츠 재생을 시작하고 Google Cast 아이콘을 선택하세요.
  4. Android TV를 선택하면 스트리밍 장치에 표시되기 시작합니다.

다른 스트리밍 기기에서 Tubi에 가입하는 방법

다른 기기가 있는 경우 Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablet, Mac, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, 그리고 VIZIO Smart TV에서 Tubi에 가입하고 사용하는 방법을 배울 수 있습니다.

Tubi에서 어떤 기능을 사용할 수 있나요?

자녀 보호 기능 없음

Tubi에 대한 자녀 보호 기능이 없습니다.

Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, 그리고 Netflix에는 자녀 보호 기능이 있습니다.


Users can expect brief ads before and during their viewing experience.

Live News 특징

Tubi does offer some live news channels, but not on every device. You can access news if you use Amazon Fire, Android mobile, Android TV, Comcast/Xfinity, Cox, iOS (iPhones only), Roku, Vizio, and Xbox devices.

The channel lineup is subject to change, but may include channels like

  • NBC News NOW
  • NewsNOW from FOX
  • Newsy Top Stories
  • Black News Channel
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Cheddar
  • Bloomberg Quicktake
  • CBC
  • Estrella News
  • Euronews
  • Pattrn
  • WeatherNation
  • PeopleTV
  • fubo Sports Network
  • Fox 5 New York
  • News 12 New York
  • Fox 11 Los Angeles
  • KTVU Fox 2- San Francisco
  • Fox 32 Chicago
  • Fox 29 Philadelphia
  • Fox 4 Dallas-Ft. Worth
  • Fox 5 Atlanta
  • Fox 26 Houston
  • Fox 5 Washington DC
  • New Hampshire (WMUR)
  • Fox 10 Phoenix
  • Q13 Fox Seattle
  • Fox 13 Tampa Bay
  • Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Fox 2 Detroit
  • WXYZ Detroit - 7 Action News
  • Fox 35 Orlando
  • News 5 Cleveland WEWS
  • Very Pittsburgh by WTAE
  • Very Kansas City KMBC
  • Very Cincinnati by WLWT
  • Fox 6 Milwaukee
  • Fox 7 Austin
  • Very Oklahoma by KOCO
  • Very Alabama by WVTM
  • Very Nola by WDSU
  • FOX13 Memphis (WHBQ)
  • FOX23 Tulsa (KOKI)
  • Very Omaha by KETV


Tubi is home to several original movies and shows like “The Stepmother,” “Girls Getaway Gone Wrong,” “Eradication,” “The Freak Brothers,” and “Love and Penguins.”

TV 프로그램

Tubi offers a few standout shows like “Firefly,” “One Punch Man,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” “The Jeffersons,” “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” and “Sleepy Hollow.”

But most of their TV offerings are geared toward light entertainment: “Duck Dynasty,” “Storage Wars,” “Kitchen Nightmares,” or “The Masked Singer.” There are also some kitschy old series like “ALF,” “Fantasy Island,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” and “The Flying Nun.”


Tubi has some high-quality movies, though most are low-quality schlock. At the time of this writing, standouts include “American History X,” “Cast Away,” “RoboCop,” “Three Kings,” “The Perfect Storm,” “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” and a handful of James Bond movies.

The service offers many well-curated categories like anime, action, faith, comedy, LGBTQ, romance, and sci-fi & fantasy. There are also more thoughtful categories like cult classics, highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes, and “not on Netflix.”

Hidden gems include some long video clips with white noise, so you can listen and watch rain, fireplaces, or fireflies. There are also exercise videos, travel shows, and stand-up comedy performances.

Commercial breaks appear roughly every 25 minutes in a film.


A special Tubi Kids section helpfully segments children’s programming away from the more mature content. You’ll see family movies like “Free Willy,” “Osmosis Jones,” “All Dogs Go to Heaven,” and “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.”

When it comes to TV, Tubi offers “Barney & Friends,” “G.I. Joe,” “Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu,” “The Flintstones,” and “Scooby-Doo Where are You?”

For the youngest viewers, there’s BabyFirst TV and a selection of educational content.


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